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Read between the lines before you sign agreements

Agreements and contracts are documents or deals that bind people to perform certain obligations towards each other. Signatures imprinted on contract documents have far reaching consequence depending on how well you understand your involvement in such an agreement.

Since contracts and agreements are legally binding, what is expected of you before signing such contracts?

Ensure you read all contracts through and through before signing it; don’t just assume that because you and the other party have discussed the contract verbally, there will be no need for you to read what is written down either due to lazy or for any other reason as what is written down may be quite different from what was discussed between you and the other party.

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Take your time to think about the nature of the agreement you are about to go into; will it be favourable to you? Will you perform what you promised to do? Is the other party willing to perform as promised? I believe  a careful thought will convince you whether or not to sign such a contract.

Sign nothing you don’t understand especially if you don’t understand certain clauses or sub clauses. Ask the other party to explain to you and better still seek legal advise to understand the implication of you signing such contract.

Pay attention to some things such as if there is provision for terminating the contract if it is not favourable to you or when you are no longer interested.

Hope Ikwe