• Monday, May 20, 2024
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Motivation Monday – Take action, get things done


One of the reasons why we don’t like to go to work is because there seems to be so much we need to do. Endless deadlines that need to be met and we just want to throw our hands up and say “That’s it. I give up.” Sometimes I feel very unmotivated because it doesn’t seem like I will ever get everything done on time as there are just so many tasks piled up.

However, I realised that it is likely because I don’t do everything right away. This “I-will-get-to-it-later” attitude is the root cause of this problem. As I wait for everything to pile up, I become inefficient because part of my energy is spent worrying about how to complete the tasks instead of actually doing it.

I know I’m not alone because people I know always wait till the last minute to finish projects. For example, if the deadline is this Friday, most people will do it late Thursday night (if not on Friday) even if the task takes 15 minutes. This way of doing things has got to change. If we just do the 15 minute task right away, then we don’t need to think about it ever again. I bet that by waiting till Friday, we’ve spent 3-5 minutes of the week just thinking about the task.

So, let’s start taking action immediately and get things done as soon as possible. Once we don’t feel the frustration of having too much on our plate, we will indirectly be more motivated to work on Mondays, and perhaps this weekly piece can seize to exist.