• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Is your wallet lost, this is what to do?


 Losing your wallet is probably one of the most difficult situations you have to experience. Not only will you lose your cash or any available funds but you may as well lose your debit cards and credit cards, your ID cards and other pertinent documents as well. So when you are faced with this predicament all you have to do is to act fast. Here are ways to deal with a lost wallet.

Never panic: 

Don’t panic immediately as panic sets off unconventional behavior. Instead of thinking clearly, think of what you can do to arrest the situation. Not only will your wallet still be lost, but panicking sets off unhealthy reactions. You can have a heart attack or your blood pressure might shoot up. So what do you do? Breathe in and breathe out. This will bring oxygen into your brains, so that you can think and act clearly.

Make sure that your wallet is really lost: 

When you have done breathing and you have sought out things clearly, make sure that your wallet is really lost. Try to look for it. Remember the places you’ve been to. Talk with the people whom you have encountered for the day. Review all situations and circumstances. Chances are if your wallet is really not lost, you probably have misplaced it somewhere.

Call your bank: 

When your wallet and your cards are really stolen, call your bank immediately. Don’t cancel your cards. Instead have them suspended first. This is very essential and important since you don’t want the thief to use your credit cards from the time you have lost it to the time you have reported it. You can be charged for transactions you didn’t do. When you have finally reached your bank, you credit card liability goes down.

Call your credit card company:

Just like calling your bank, this is also highly important since they can monitor all transactions that have come in after you have lost your wallet. You can apply for a new credit card with a different account number if you can.

Call the police: 

Not only should you call your bank or your credit card company, you should also call the police for future developments. They can help you track down the thief, how to claim insurance or other liability issues.

Get a new driver’s license or house keys: 

How to deal with lost wallet also means getting a new driver’s license. If your house keys are inside your wallet, you might want to change locks in your house since the thief already knows where you live.

Buy a new wallet: 

Of course you need to buy a new wallet but make sure that this wallet won’t get lost anymore. Try buying one with a chain or with any other features that can help you in preventing your wallet from being lost. You can also use a wallet clip with only one credit card in it.

Remember, never put your eggs in one basket. If you don’t need to bring your particular credit card, then don’t bring it at all. Always guard your wallet.