• Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Hoggs & Holls flaunts luxury, aesthetics at Lavender Court


Carefully tucked away in the serene Yaba GRA environment, Lavender Court is a mini-estate in which the developer has flaunted an alluring mix of luxury and aes­thetics.

Built on a total land area mea­suring 3,525 square metres along Aggrey Road, the estate that has Yaba Technical College as its corporate neighbour, stands on three blocks of two floors each.

It has altogether 14 apart­ments comprising nine units of five-bedroom apartments, three units of four-bedroom apart­ments and two units of three-bedroom apartments with all the rooms en-suite.

Remi Adedokun, managing director/CEO, Hoggs & Holls Limited, told BusinessDay in an interview at the unveiling of the estate at the weekend, that “Lav­ender Court is his company’s contribution to bridging the housing gap in Nigeria.”

The estate, according to him, is “a masterpiece with a careful mix of luxury and aesthetics; the apartments are quite affordable and this explains why the entire units have been taken up. The estate is targeted at all classes of Nigerians who can afford them.”

Apart from the greening and landscaping, the estate parades modern facilities including fitted kitchens, CCTV round the estate plus security wire; a swimming pool; a gym; service generator; inverter, and a mini-mart where residents could quickly go and make purchases.

On the choice of Yaba GRA for the project, Adedokun ex­plained that in that area, “there are un-utilised Federal Gov­ernment land which they took advantage of to do the project.

“We have another project going on here and we intend to do more of this in other loca­tions. A lot of people like what we have done and have therefore approached us to do same for them. So, many people want to give their land so that we can do the same for them.”

He said the Yaba property market was a place to be with the massive improvement in in­frastructure in the area, pointing out that there was scarcely any road in Yaba that was not tarred and paved, “so, it is a place to be for all who want a decent envi­ronment to live in. Investment here is also quite rewarding as return on investment is in the region of 25-30 percent. People are now leaving Lekki and even Ikoyi for Yaba because of its de­cent environment.”

Hoggs & Holls, he explained, is a real estate developer whose primary assignment is to design, build and operate comfortable and efficient estates in Nigeria, as the company aims to serve humanity in areas of shelter provision with enhanced capac­ity for interfacing with potential stakeholders.

He said the company was also out to broaden perspectives and address accommodation chal­lenges, disclosing that “Hoggs & Holls is a partnership company conceived and nurtured by three dynamic Nigerians who are astute planners, engineers and executors.”

The firm is also doing two other projects in Yaba and Ikeja GRAs. The one in Ikeja is located at Oduduwa Crescent. The com­pany also has presence in Osun and Ekiti states, where it is also active in real estate development sector to showcase its products and services. It has a working relationship with WEMABOD Estate on the Neighbourhood Market, Samonda in Ibadan, Oyo State.