• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Easter is here again, watch your expense budget


Easter is here again. It is another festive season and as expected the season will necessitate a lot of spending. It is expected that since Easter happens every year, there is no excuse to act like the celebration has caught you by surprise, however while total abstinence from spending might be rather difficult the need to curtail spending through proper planning is very important.

Experts say it is necessary to have a budget for the season; else you might suffer from financial hangover after the celebration. However, while budgeting, always make room for “extra” expenses that could arise as a result of an unexpected visit from a family member that might visit or join you on your way to have picnic.

After you have determined how much you are willing to spend, make a list of what you plan to buy. At this point the ability to differentiate needs from wants is vital, experts say. Will you be attempting to satisfy your immediate family needs or more interested in having a dream holiday? Whatever it is just ensure you stick to your budget especially if you will be shopping. Beware of retailers who have catchy sales signs and offering irresistible sales promo prices. This will surely entice you but ensure you do not skip your budget when shopping, expert’s advice.

Experts say one way of cutting down expenses during the celebration is to pool resources together with friends and family when making purchases. Alternatively, buy in bulk as most wholesalers are known to slash prices for “heavy buyers” during festive periods. This is an initiative that has worked for anyone who wants to minimize cost. You can achieve this through either buying in bulk and divide the items or share the costs for the meals with the people you plan to celebrate with, whichever way, you will reduce cost compared to when you shop alone.

No doubt it is a period for gifts, either from you to family members, neighbours or colleagues. Experts say, a vital way to cut your expense on gift is to give homemade gifts, such as cakes, cookies or handmade cards instead of patronizing expensive gift shops which tend to exploit customers in the heat of the season.

Likely, you might want to take a short vacation because it is a holiday period, experts say when you make a prior booking on your favourite hotel, resort or whatever destination it is, you will likely benefit from discounts thus reduce cost.

Experts also advise against waiting for the “rush hour” before shopping. This does not only give you time to visit more than one shop before making purchases, compare prices, shopping early also will make it possible for you to avoid expensive express delivery charges.

The more excess cash you move around with, the more tempted you are to overspend, experts say. Hence, experts advised while on your way to the cinemas, events, picnic, or visit friends and families only go with a certain amount you are willing to spend. Equally resist the temptation of moving around with your credit cards which allows you buy goods in excess or your ATM cards which enables withdraw from your account at any slight opportunity so you do not empty your treasury by the end of the celebration.