• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Coping without the support of both parents


A growing child needs the care and support of both parents to get on in life and these cuts across psychological, social and economic. However, in an occasion where only one parent or no parent is providing for a child as he or she grows, evidently, there will be a shortfall in what the child will get for his or her development.

As an independent child determined to be successful in life despite parental absence, setting out goals and steps to achieving them is very important through every stage in life.

Self determination and discipline will also go a long way in actualizing dreams and meeting set goals, knowing full well that life is full of struggles.

Having spurred him or herself psychologically, the need for sourcing incomes from diverse legitimate sources will be the next step, though as a child in high school this might seem quite difficult but as age increases the need will become more imminent.

At this stage, probably as a college student, he or she would be more as a part time student, which is basically a weekend programme developed to avail individuals with spare time to engage in semi-skilled jobs.

Choosing a mentor is also advisable to tutor him or her through life and also help wade off peer pressure and other youthful influences such as alcoholism, which can derail a prospective career.

At this point, he or she would be more informed, encouraged and if he exposes himself to another source of informal learning, for instance; reading motivational books, leaning through media, and people’s experience which will encourage him to make a better plan for the future

Self belief is also an attitude that must be imbibed as the challenges of life might seem daunting sometimes, but the conviction of an imminent success at the end of the road would always be a driving force towards actualizing one’s dream and ambitions.