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Climbing your financial ladder?


In climbing the ladder of life, financial goals or business, we naturally encounter challenges either caused by us or those in existence on their own, which we must confront and conquer to get to our destination.

In appreciating these challenges, which most times are called problems, we are ordinarily weighed down and feel discouraged.

Some people at this point lose hope and fall by the way side. But those who are determined to succeed see these obstacles or challenges as part of the building process that must be surmounted to get to the next level.

Jim Collins, prolific writer in our of his books called this situation as one that must be conquered which he described as “Confrontation of Brutal Facts”. Meaning, facing the problem headlong without fear and getting solution that would enable you move on with your goals.

Experts who have identified problem as part of the growing process said there is always a solution, and that is why people who made discoveries succeeded in their ventures, otherwise no process has been without challenges.

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In a course titled “Critical Thinking: Problem Solving and Decision Making” presented by Rajive Sharma at one of Phillip Consulting Training Series, problem is described as “An obstacle which makes it difficult to achieve a desired goal, objective or purpose. It is also referred to as a situation, condition or issue that is yet unresolved.

While problem solving, is the act of narrowing down the possibilities, choosing a course of action, and determining the action’s potential consequences.

According to Sharma, in solving any problem, the first step is to agree that there is a problem and concluding whether it needs to be resolved; second stage is take responsibility of the problem by putting energy and communicating authority; the third stage is defining the problem by asking critical questions like – Who caused the problem, what will happen if the problem is not solved, where does the problem occur, when does the problem occur, why is the problem occurring or how should the process or system work?

In providing these answers, it is already clear what to do with the problem, having known that root cause then solution is near. As you climb you ladder of financial goals, don’t be discouraged by challenges and obstacles, find solution to the confronting problems and move on…

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