• Monday, May 20, 2024
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Carrying cash while travelling abroad may be tasking, get FirstTravel


Travelling with cash may be some kind of risk particularly when you are travelling abroad, and this is what many travellers worry about. So if you are travelling abroad, you could have your BTA/PTA into a card that makes your trip light and fewer burdens.

This is the thinking of First Bank when it came out with one of its latest offers, targeted at giving her customers some relief as they embark on journeys outside the country. You can avoid those horrible currency conversion fees when making purchases abroad with FirstTravel Card.

FirstTravel Card, though dollar denominated pays you in the currency of the country in use, as the conversion rate is technically handled by the bank. It is non-personalised, except on specific request. With FirstTravel Card, you are secured from the risk of carrying cash. You can always enjoy reduced charge on PTA/BTA.

More so, it is easy to get and use, no credit check required to get the card. Reloading the card is easy as you can load in the bank’s branch or online via FirstOnline internet banking platform.

You can make purchases on Point of Sale (POS)/WEB and cash withdrawals at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) world wide. Another benefit of FirstTravel Card is that it is verified by Visa increasing card security for online purchases.

Another product offered by the bank is FirstOnline. The features of this product include transfer funds between your accounts within FirstBank, transfer funds to third party accounts within FirstBank, transfer funds to other banks accounts, and international funds transfer available.

Other features of the FirstOnline are airtime recharge and bills payments, online cheque confirmation, instant access to your account information, and downloading of bank statements in different formats.

Authentication of transaction is done by password and token device; this provides additional security for transactions done on FirstOnline.

FirstTrade is another product offered by the bank. It is a web-based application developed for the bank’s customers to transfer funds from their domiciliary accounts to beneficiaries based locally and abroad. It is fast, secure and tailored to provide utmost convenience for customers.

Firstmonie is a mobile payment service by FirstBank that enables phone users to send and receive money, pay bills, buy airtime and do lots more with their mobile phones without a bank account. The mobile phone number serves as the account number.

Ebusiness Expression, the bank’s newest product is self customised card design from any convenient location.

It grants you immediate access to your Naira savings or current account anywhere in the world. Your Expressions card is accepted globally wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed. You receive alerts on all transactions (purchases, transfers and withdrawals), the product is secured by Chip and PIN technology, and it is accepted across all channels – POS, Web, ATMs and it offers card validity period of 2 years.