• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Alternatives to public school


With so many concerns over sending your kids to public school, many parents are looking for educational alternatives. No matter what your specific gripe about public education is, you can find a solution for your family that fits into your budget.

When it comes to alternative educational options, it’s important to remember that the entire family will need to make sacrifices so that a better education is the priority. From tuition to home schooling, private education will take a large chunk out of the family budget one way or another. Many families, however, are willing to make sacrifices to gain the benefits of an alternative education.

Alternatives to public school

•. Private Schools

Though the most expensive schooling option, private schools are still a good fit for many families. Most have smaller class sizes, more structured frameworks, and themed goals — such as religious or military teaching — integrated into the main curriculum.

To make private schools more affordable, you can look into scholarships or discounts for paying cash or an entire year’s tuition up front. You can also see if your private school of choice offers discounts if you or your spouse put in a certain number of volunteer hours at the school.

•Digital Academies

One of the newest educational offerings, digital academies come in different formats. You can opt for a digital academy where your children meet with a virtual class or teacher online via a webcam, a format where your kids do work independently at home and meet at a physical location weekly to work in groups, or a format that resembles traditional homeschooling but with the support of a digital academy.

While some of these options are determined by which academy you choose, others are determined by the curriculum you decide on, as well. This will require some extensive research on your part to decide which options suit your family’s needs the best. One of the nice things about digital academies is that most of them offer traditional public school support services. In fact, many public schools are now hosting digital academies for families who want an alternative to public school.

•Traditional homeschooling

This form of private education can be tailored for each individual family. Approaches range from free-form “un-schooling” to an educational format that closely resembles public school. Like digital academies, this choice requires an adult to put in hours with the child for education.

The parent (or other designated adult) is responsible for overseeing the child’s progress, teaching the materials, and submitting all required paperwork. The parents will also have to purchase curriculum, pay for a certified teacher to verify lesson plans or tests, and purchase any additional educational supplies. Culled from MoneyNing.