• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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A summer soiree in Seville


A while ago, the lads and I decided to go to Spain for our next holiday, but we didn’t want it to be a clichéd. We weren’t going to do Shagaluf (Magaluf), nor were we going to rave in Ibiza.

As always Hem planned the trip, and the rest of us just turned up for it. We had agreed to get the airport for mid-day, but true to form, some of us (me) ran into some last minute trouble (I hadn’t told my parents). Luckily, Hem had already factored in my troubles and so the lads were actually at my house at 11:30am in a cab. Parents appeased, on the way to the airport, we are good, until we realise that only Hem has changed his money.

Side Note – Shout out to GTB at this point, because they are the only bank to not internationally disgrace me! I want to take this time to thank Stanbic IBTC for disgracing me in front of the cute waitress I was trying to chat up in Bloomsbury, and I want to thank Diamond Bank for stopping me from purchasing the trainers of my dreams in Miami, we don’t need to talk about Keystone Bank…everrrr!!! I will say this though, Nigerian Banks are helping me save my ‘small small’ Naira, so at least I will have money when I come back from the holiday I couldn’t pay for because they won’t allow me to be great.

While in Seville, we tried to do the cultural thing, walked around the town, went through a couple of museums, found the access codes to local hang outs, and challenged local kids to a game of footy. The cultural aspects of the city were really educational and insightful; the footy matches were not. We played these kids for a couple days, and all we learnt was that, we cannot play football. We were schooled badly; about 10-2 was the least embarrassing of the scores. We were much more successful in our endeavours to local bars and restaurants. We managed to find some of the best tasting Torrijas. They are generally made with stale bread that is soaked in beaten eggs before being deep fried. Later, they are covered in sugar syrup, honey or sweetened milk. We also tried our hands at some Spanish classics like paella which went down a treat, and then there were not so great culinary escapades like a cold pea and lentil soup… who knew?

On our last day, we decided to go to the amusement park, as we are all big kids at hearts. We went to Isla Mágica. We got to be big kids, and I managed to get over my fear of rollercoasters. We capped the day off by pigging out on some churros, with the requisite chocolate sauce. All in all, this was a great trip with lots of lessons. I will not be challenging any children to a game of football, and I will be sure to try more of their pork based cuisines, there just wasn’t enough time.