• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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If you are a Nigerian, these are the 14 things you missed at King Charles III’s coronation


On Saturday, for the first time in about 70 years, there was a coronation of a new king in England. King Charles III was crowned to formally become the successor of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 22, 2022.

Nigerians, like many other people took to the social media platforms to comment about the event. One of the comments — which has since gone viral on WhatsApp — contrasted the coronation with an event of such magnitude in Nigeria and pointed out what was ‘missing’.

See the comment reproduced below:

The things I missed at King Charles’ Coronation.

1. Nobody ‘stole’ my precious time, as everything went according to schedule; even the King and the Queen arrived the venue at the appropriate time. I never heard any announcement of “ladies and gentlemen, while we wait for the special guest of honor, may I beg your indulgence to…

2. There were no siren of escorts of dignitaries driving recklessly into the venue and trying to outdo one another.

3. There were no area boys or praise singers ushering people into the venue; and no intimidating ‘bouncers’ at the entrance of the hall requesting to check one’s Invite.

4. No announcement of the arrival of the Leaders of House of Commons or House of Lords.

5. No special announcement of the arrival of the Prime Minister and other Heads of State.

6. No announcement of the arrival of the Service Chiefs or their wives’ association.

7. No official announcement of the arrival of party chairmen and their national executive members.

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8. No special recognition of the leadership of other christian or religion denominations.

9. I didn’t see police escorts wielding AK-47 and asking people to give way.

10. No Chief of Protocol or ADC leading the PM and showing the way as if the man was a toddler.

11. There was no need to read out the names and appointments of all the ‘big men and women’ present as part of Protocol before making any speech. In fact, there was no ‘existing protocol’ for anybody to stand on today.

12. I never saw members of the Press running around with their cameras, blocking the views of invited guests, and almost pushing their microphones or handsets into the mouths of the officiating ministers.

13. I looked round to catch a glimpse of those hawking ‘pure water’, colanut, chewing gum, white handkerchiefs and new currency notes inside the hall, but there was none.

14. The prophets in the UK probably didn’t hear nothing from God; so there was no single prophecy of ‘what will happen if Charles was crowned as king’.

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