• Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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New report faults FG, states on housing, proposes devt fund

Most home owners who now seem to prefer estate residences have recounted many benefits over any other form of residence, especially as insecurity spikes around the world. Access control alone makes estates look better secured in the eyes of visitors.

Most Nigerian adults grew up in the villages where they played as kids: played football, did wrestling, hunting, swimming, moonlight games, etc. Township life seems to wipe all of that off. Now, estate residential system may gradually be restoring it as children find enough space and safe company to play.

Estate developers also have play and leisure in mind when building them, and use them as selling points. Elderly persons who need to walk every morning find it easier in estates than on the street.

Sense of communality seems to grow anew in estates where residents connect with neighbours more. Thus, estate living adopts a fantastic community-friendly lifestyle that brings a whole lot more benefits than you might imagine, according Bardale Village estate philosophy.

In an era where every task is outsourced, kids do less and the tasks of cleaning, scrubbing, washing, etc, are given out to corporate service providers. Besides, the homes attract bigger value.

Thus, it is no longer news that some home owners are abandoning their stand alone homes and moving to safe, secured estates.

This has since been corroborated by a Harvard Dr., D.C. McLelland when he said: “Your association and environment determine 95 percent of your success.” This means that the estate system of residence does not only boost your safety and security and that of your family but helps to give you the social lift that would boost your chances of success in life. It also gives your children a social class that helps them get ahead in life.

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According to a housing investment expert known as Mayor of Housing (My-Ace China), the importance of your environment and association cannot be over-emphasised. He admits that cost may be high but he has invented a method of crashing the cost through a scheme called Social Funding; where a home owner pays a part and brings others who help him to pay bits.

He said in an article: “Many persons may not even know that greenery which comes with standard estates aid one’s longevity. Life after work gets better with green environment.”

One simple finding: “When you are exposed to greenery or greenness around your home, your probability to die is less, compared to those with less greenness around their home”, says David Rojas, researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health and Colorado State University. Dr Rojas is also lead author of the study that was published in The Lancet Planet Health (PDF) in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

Specifically, the Mayor of Housing added, the research team found that for every 10% increase in vegetation (that’s within 1,600 feet of your home), your probability of death drops by four per cent. “This is in addition of the abundance of oxygen being emitted by those lush plants around your homes.’

He went on: “Security in estates is another huge factor. Insecurities feed mental health issues such as hypertension, depression, high anxiety, and low self-esteem. They are also often a contributing factor to eating disorders and substance abuse disorders and crime. You feed something into your children, the debased environment puts something else. Result is that the children turn into what you did not anticipate.

“It therefore, behooves on family heads to strive to fight for the health and integrity of their families from the first fundamentals of good homes and good environment planted in estates. It is important to know that with smartly curated family-friendly, green, serene, secured environments with decent neighbours, a better society can emerge and thrive.”

That is why the Mayor of Housing is deliberate about creating such family-friendly and estates that offer serenity, security and decent neighbourhoods that fuel your sanity and boots your chances of success.

To him, it is not just about housing; it is about trans-generational value and societal impact. He says: “I don’t sell houses, I sell value!”

It is settled logic, he says, that only those who value their peace of mind, family serenity and longevity call me!!!