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Tribute to Chief Dr. Christopher Oladipo Ogunbanjo C.O.N

Tribute to Chief Dr. Christopher Oladipo Ogunbanjo C.O.N

The number 4 Batsman 

Address delivered on 28th November, 2023

At the Metropolitan Club, Victoria island

In cricket the number 4 slot is the preserve of the batsman who is most likely to hit a century (one hundred runs). His score card would have provided robust evidence of consistent performance regardless of the quality (or fierce hostility) of the opponents or prevailing weather conditions.

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Chief (Dr.) Chris Oladipo Ogunbanjo C.O.N. was eminently qualified for that role. Until a few months ago, it was a safe bet he would hit a century – 100 not out !! Alas, here we are – he was bowled out two months (two balls / overs) before the 100 birthday which all of us were eagerly looking forward to celebrating with our much beloved Papa, elder statesman, quintessential lawyer, entrepreneur, community leader and above all a custodian of the mores and traditions of Ijebu/Yoruba culture as well as our nation’s history which is no longer taught in schools.