• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Tinubu not sick, if you like don’t believe him

Fascistic? Point the finger at Buhari, Tinubu and their party

NOTHING is wrong with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Jagaban Borgu. Put differently, nothing is wrong with Jagaban, at least not how many of us think. He is not as sick as he seems, not in this instance.

He wears business suits in meetings with business associates in poses struck under the skies. Tinubu manages to look dapper. He exchanges lively banters with his guests.

The photo sessions star younger Tinubus whose innocence grants the pictures life. They have no clue that doting grandpa was wanted in Nigeria to prove he was of sound health.

Everything looked good about the pictures. A caring grandpa could break a business meeting to hug the grandkids otherwise he appeared over-dressed for his time with the children.

Tinubu has decided to bring dissonance to the presidential campaign. It is working for him. He will stick to it. His way of riding the rough waves in his party has become the issue, not the salient questions about him.

No longer are the questions about his nebulous identity, his dithering decisions on his educational qualifications and for those who dare, the source of the reportedly inexhaustible resources that he would lay out for the election.

Everything is about whether he is coughing or puffing. But Tinubu is holding meetings with “investors, foreign and Nigerian”. The story was gaining traction when one of his confidantes said Tinubu was in London to rest, not medical attention, then she remembered Tinubu was holding meetings while resting.

Nobody should fall for the orchestrations. Tinubu is not ready for the campaigns. September 28, the official commencement date, came too suddenly. The 422-man campaign he had wanted to use as a hedge ran into a storm. Tinubu stalled.

He sought refuge in his London stronghold, reined in Kashim Shettima, his running mate, another good move. Shettima runs his mouth without thoughts of consequences. Left on his own, he could utterly have brought ruination on the campaign. It was most important that he successfully disengaged Shettima’s tongue.

Meetings were crucial to mend Tinubu’s shredded 422-member council. He has promised 2,000 members and more if that would appease the agitators. The campaigns of the other candidates have also slowed down. Were they waiting for Tinubu?

Tinubu wants all to believe he is sick so he can say he is alive. Whatever sympathies could come his way are useful to carpet the next couple of weeks. Time is of a different essence in the campaigns.

Unable to commence any meaningful campaigns, unwilling to keep testing his unsteady steps in Nigeria, and unsure of what damage further public appearances would cause, he fled to London. He was safer in guarded surroundings.

If you asked about his health, he sent pictures of him on gym bikes. They were of indeterminate dates. So long as they serve as the distractions they have become they are fine. As we criticised the London pictures we offered assistance in shaping the next albums.

Tinubu has not broken any laws in refusing to talk to Nigerians directly. The Electoral Act does not say he must campaign. He is not barred from travelling abroad during the campaigns.

He could decide to address us from his gym bike or ignore us entirely. He has done that so far. His only worry about the campaigns is that February is too far. What does he do between now and then?

Time to draw from his well-promoted political sagacity by being dismissive of the chances of other candidates insisting that elections are not won by street parades, dominating the media with insouciant materials that baffle the people, and pushing his “Emi l’okan” position.

Entitlement means that Tinubu becomes a victim anytime anyone suggests that he is unworthy of the presidency. If it is his turn are we, not all meant to nod in agreement?

Fewer questions are expected from all as Tinubu claims his supposed prize. As the prize winner before the contest, he decides the rules of the game at any point.

A few predictions about Tinubu’s campaigns – flights to London would be frequent, the candidate would answer few questions, public appearances would be minimised, we would discuss his foibles more than the substance of how to restore Nigeria, Shettima will speak more as the leader rests.

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Tinubu has a huge London advantage running for him. He won’t fail to milk it. The rousing reception by the mere mention of his return speaks to concerns within his innermost circles that he was sick. Just alighting from the aircraft resolved all matters.

Abuja and Lagos are loading to welcome the man who built Lagos and still finds his masterpiece unqualified to cater for his needs.

Crowds would welcome him. Streets would be jammed for he went to rest in London, some claim to hold meetings, and his enemies insist he was ill. It will be a campaign, a carnival.

London awaits the return of Jagaban. There are more reasons to visit now – grandchildren, investors, rest, strategy sessions, and private matters. Abuja and Lagos are unsuitable for Tinubu’s retreats.

Jagaban’s minders have passed the worst verdict on the Lagos Jagaban masterfully built over 23 years without intending to do so. According to them, Lagos is unfit for Tinubu. He is well mostly in London.

Tinubu cannot resist the allure of London. He is back. He is visiting Nigeria. He will return again, to London.

The final batch of the Abuja-Kaduna train kidnap victims of March 2022 been released or rescued? The deafening celebrations leave no room for questions.

FLOODS hit Lokoja and other parts of Nigeria again. There appear to be no rescue measures. About N12 billion raised in 2012 to tackle floods made no scratch on the challenge. There must be someone who should care about this issue.

FEDERAL Government’s solution to the ASUU strike is to create more unions. We will see how this addresses the challenges universities face.

.Isiguzo is a major commentator on minor issues