• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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The universal principle of TEDxJibowu: Charting a course to the future

Impacting Africa’s young visionaries: Trailblazing ‘the future’

For most of us who were born in the darkest part of the earth with no light, no life, during the days of the new normal and in the time of doings. For most of us who were born in the Rustics where the chirping of the morning birds signalled the day — a timely reminder that heralded the change in time. For those of us who find it hard to envision a Nation greater than the one we currently live in, this is for you. It’s TEDxJibowu 0’clock!

We (Nigerians) should one day tell the story of how we were liberated, the story of how disruptive thinking turns our Nation to its glory, and the story of how young change-makers discuss critical policy issues that affect our nation.

Recently, I started to think about our nation, Nigeria, and amidst my intuitions, I got a request from a team of young change-makers headed by Prosperity Olorunfemi, a young African Changemaker and digital marketer who organized his first TEDx event at the age of seventeen.

My conclusion was, the TEDxJibowu movement is bringing greatness to the table. This is beyond mere cooking; it is a master plan that Nigerians and Africans can also jump on to help them create a masterpiece. Follow me and let’s go through this world-class structure together — THE UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE OF TEDXJIBOWU.

The principle of if they don’t listen, turn up the speaker

The truth is, good content will do to some extent, but it will not prove a veritable means of getting the world’s attention. But trust me, proactive ideas and thoughtfulness of actions, if well coupled, will go a long way to driving a good and sustainable future for all Africans. This sings the song that young Nigerians and Africans need to see through the lenses of hard work, consistency, ‘strategic crazy moves, and excellence.

What excellence does is that it brings you forward with a befitting projection. Hilda Baci has been cooking for a while; she was not known, but the only reason why the entire world focused on her today is because she decided to display excellence. In effect, TEDxJibowu, to me, is what will reflect the excellence of Nigeria as a nation.

In a similar vein, Tobi Amusan was supposed to have been a world athletic champion for a very long time, but she was not seen until excellence came. Asake, a Nigerian musician, once sang, “They never see me coming!” The world is not listening to you because excellence is not portrayed—they can’t even see you in the view. The world should listen to you; find a way to make them, and if possible, compel them! Tell your stories! Turn on the speaker!

I strongly believe that the TEDxJibowu movement will amplify the voices of Nigerian youths, shape their brains, channel their hearts and if possible ring a bell to alert them of a future waiting for us to be harvested.

The principle of pushing beyond your present space

TEDxJibowu will teach Nigerian Youths to push beyond their present space, to think globally, and act globally. It would teach them the power of positive thinking — that they could achieve everything and anything beyond the four walls of Nigeria.

If you will agree, Nigeria is living in its past while we look up to the likes of Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom who are developed nations living in their future. The idea behind TEDxJibowu is to imagine a future beyond the one Nigeria is currently envisioning i.e. that of the developed Nations. A future beyond what the likes of Europe, the USA, and the rest of the developed countries have ever seen.

As a youth, you can leverage the littlest thing to make a statement in the world. When it comes your way, please don’t waste it. A great achievement without greater visibility is good in the short run, but in the long run, it is almost a waste.

I believe we can easily sell Africa’s story by pushing so hard and then allowing the result to speak for itself. We need to push our nation until we do not need to do it again. I am really glad to want to learn about the changed perspectives TEDXJIBOWU is bringing to the table as the head of the media and publicity team. Nigeria needs to learn a new perspective to put its future on the right track. There can be no limitations.

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The principle of don’t blame, take bold steps

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the maze of self-doubt, wondering how you could break free and unleash your true potential? TEDxJibowu is a call to make bold moves today.

Most of us have always blamed our situation on our environment, our parents, and the government. There were moments when it seemed like everyone else was sprinting toward their dreams while I was left wondering if I’d ever catch up.

As youths, we used to be that boy/girl who wanted to do big things, but we felt no one cared about our dreams and aspirations, and we in the long run gave up on our dreams after a few trials. Great people have many attempts at greatness, but if we starters do not see signs and wonders within days, we quit.

When I see other youngsters like me doing great, I’ve always thought he/she had the support I never had, but I’ve never sat down to dare, to take those bold steps, and to make those resolutions that drive greatness. Somehow, my blame was valid. Growing up in an African home where we have strict rules and strict parents, and I was this boy that doesn’t like wahala, I got so absorbed in the situation that I forgot one thing: I was the future.

That realization pinched my brain. I have to tell you, I began feeling differently. You see, all those lies we tell ourselves by blaming our environment and nationality just to justify our wrongs and escape reality would do us nothing but harm. The moment I stopped passing blame and took responsibility, my story changed. And I want you to do the same—stop passing blame and take responsibility because you are the future and you have the power to change your present situation.

You have the power to change how your friends from other nations look at you when you say you are an African. You have the power to change your story because you are resilient and full of potential. And how can you do this? TEDXJIBOWU is making a clarion call.


Either you use the TEDXJIBOWU Principles of driving visible change in Africa as a part of the future we all are envisioning, or you have your means of effecting a changed perspective in Africa. My advice is that if greatness is not chasing you, chase greatness, and greatness is TEDXJIBOWU. This would not only be a chapter in your life story, it might be the entire book—you are the future!

Olomu is a 300-level law student at Lagos State University. He can be reached via +2349049920975.