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The power of a thoughtfully designed personal brand

The power of a thoughtfully designed personal brand

Let’s say you were trying to get to another state, a state where you have it on good authority that one meeting will change the trajectory of your life.You have two options: go by car or build an aeroplane. Of course, getting a car will get you there faster, but an aeroplane changes the game. That’s common sense.

Except you can’t buy the plane. You’ve got to build it from scratch yourself, and you most likely don’t know how to build a plane. Now, even if you’ve got somebody to show you how to build a plane, it will take about six weeks to learn how to do it. It is still a long time. However, when you compare it to the 12 hours it will take you every time you have to travel between states, building the plane starts to look like a really good investment, doesn’t it?.

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And when you realise that even better, once you start building the plane, you are not limited to interstate travel; you can move seamlessly between continents, it begins to make even more sense to build, doesn’t it?

You already know that we’re not asking you to build an actual plane, as interesting as that project might be. You can drive to a basic version of the dream life, career, or business you want for yourself, or you can invest in building the top performer that will get you opportunities beyond your wildest imagination—a personal brand.

Here’s how you’re going to build a personal brand that will take you miles beyond where you could go without it, and faster too.

First, you’re going to need clarity. Clarity on what you want to offer, clarity on who you want to offer it to, clarity on why you are qualified to solve the problem that you’re solving, and clarity on how you’re going to communicate it. It could be a problem you’ve solved for years in your job or one you solve as a passion without monetizing it. It could be that your years of experience have accumulated wisdom, and your next project is to raise the newcomers.

Next, you want to create a system for delivering that solution. Have a framework or a process that you have proven works to achieve the result that you can achieve. You are positioning yourself as a guide; you must have a map. You want to put that framework somewhere within reach; you will need it often as you evolve, grow, and find even better ways to achieve results.

Finally, build a system for getting to that solution. Most people will find your brand before they actually need your solution. You want to create a system that takes your audience on a journey that takes them from where they don’t even understand the problem to where they understand the problem, the cost of the problem, and the difference the solution will make in their lives. This is what makes your brand and positions you as a leader.

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If building an audience was optional five years ago, it is an absolute necessity now. If you have a message, you need an audience to listen. If you have a service, you need an audience to buy it. If you want to bypass global restrictions, you need people to pass the message along. And if you want to make an impact, you need people to believe in you first.

Personal branding is the future of business. In a world that is increasingly value-based and principle-oriented, the more your story, journey, values, and contributions are clearly articulated, the more market share your offerings can take up. The more people who know your mission, the faster it is realised. The more proactive you are about sharing your ideals, the faster the change you want to enact will come. According to Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”


About the author:

Paula Pwul is a Personal Branding Consultant, Lawyer and Founder, who leverages her unique insights to help professional and creative individuals build powerful personal brands. She is the co-founder of Enterprise and Heels, an educational and inspirational platform that aims to enable female entrepreneurs to build global businesses.