• Monday, June 17, 2024
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The attitudinal behaviors of the National Agricultural Seed Council of Nigeria

Nigeria seen earning $2bn seed export revenue in 5yrs on PVP implementation

The methods being used in the constificated, forcefully attacking of the different Agricultural inputs distributors, marketers, sellers being noted for several reasons such as the expire dates, low quality of seedlings, , adulterated in some selling points within offices , inside and outside the markets, call for serious attention’s and while we can say that they are trying to help the poor farmers, for them to get a good inputs , yields, increase farm productivity in the agricultural sectors, so that there will be no any adulterers one in the markets and they can be sure of what they are buying at the end of the day and in life time of cause.

But there are ways of doing things, best international practices from the developed Countries. Well I may stand to be corrected. Firstly they need to give a soft hand in taking a quick actions, find out how comes, building of the capacity of the farmers in keeping of seedlings, buying and they also have to meet with the buyers, sellers, manufactures and farmers to discuss further on how to go about this and also discuss with the suppliers, producers, call for the Agricultural stakeholders meetings and the various marketers and building of the sellers capacity, will also be a life plus , warning and making sure that they are not selling adulterated seedlings, but good inputs and sanction them, frequently, retraining of the farmers on purchasing of farming inputs, , best method of buying. effective collaboration’s, discussions with all the States Agricultural Development Programs. This is a piece of advices, so that the sellers, farmers, importers and the buyers will not be being affected. because there are a lot of value chains and actors in Agricultural inputs, such as the manufactures producers, sellers, farmers across the country.

Establishments of farms schools and food educational programs

The needs for the present Government to encourage and develop a lot of food educational programs, encourage and the development of Agriculture and land cultivations in the most of the higher learning and this will be helpfully in creating special interest in the farming activities. The best way to go about this is to encourage the cultivations of land, where by each students will have a plot of land being allocated and for him to develop, cultivates, manage, harvests sales and given several input and monitoring their various activities and various schools can also establish and develop more hectares of farms for profits making and the diversifications of incomes and revenue generations for the schools and it will also been used in the practically, food and land cultivation, farm demonstrations, farm technology transfers and school farming businesses, that will ensure profitability and educationally teachings and adding values, with different practically nutritionally development, farm businesses and employment generations in the societies at large.

Supporting, education, child development and food security

The urgent needs to look at the different curriculum of the higher Institutions that will support child development, enhance food security, resilient and new methods of dissemination of educationally programs with the latest technology that will also boast education and food value. Concentrations on the need fully of areas of the nutritional packages systems and values, that will build up the capacity of the average children and increase the different learning procedures and ensure the profitability. While the thoughts of the ways forward of developing and food nutritional management and which will help in the development of the faculty and the enablement of the differently students will be a life plus in generally.

Child nutrition’s programs is needed and very important

The Children needs more friendly Nutritional intake, that will enable them to develop, improving children health’s academics. life performance, learning capacity, eradicates childhood hunger, think well and work through life, the important is also noted in growth and development and helps in the educational ways and enhance learning in all ramifications of life. This can only happen if there are different nutritional packages, projects, supporting school food feeding systems and programs.