• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Parenting in the world of social media and vanity

Parenting in the world of social media and vanity

Societal values have continued to decline as the years come by. In the age of civilisation and global “wokeness”, people care less about the fundamental elements that characterise human values and judgement. Nowadays, everybody wants to be seen from a self-elevated perspective. This disposition has been made worse by the perverseness of social media and the vanity it attracts.

The young ones are not left out in this modernisation madness, and this ill-laden flu continues to corrupt many more worldwide. There continues to remain the tingling puzzle about the rectitude of the current youthful generation; who will lead tomorrow’s world?

And, are today’s young generation prepared for tomorrow’s challenges that surely await them? Sadly, the answer to these and much-yet-unasked questions remains as unsure as the rapture day itself. Still, if only the current generation of proprietors wake up to their parental responsibilities, there may be some hope.

Indeed, today’s parenting responsibilities have lagged, and the result immediately shows in the misdemeanour exhibited by many youths and children alike.

Parental negligence and poor leadership have turned many kids and young adults into a societal concern, and the possibility of changing this ugly trend seems bleak as the world continues to become more permissive of ill-behaviour and excessiveness, which are mainly learned from a reclining society and increased exposure to social media.

A recent event in a hotel in Dubai involving secondary school kids from Nigeria has further highlighted the extent of parental incompetence that has befallen today’s future leaders.

Kids about 10 years old or a little older were seen in a leaked sex tape performing immoral acts unashamedly. The session was recorded with two kids audaciously having intimate coitus using advanced adult styles while their colleagues watched with glee.

This leaked act has sparked dense outrage, and many people have condemned the parenting deficiency of the concerned kids.

A further pry into the little girl involved in the reprehensible act, which has received the most backlash so far, reveals that she possibly hails from a privileged, yet unmonitored background.

The young girl has been found to own a popular social media handle, which already has up to 24,000 likes, posted over 526 videos with over 4,000 followers so far. Also, an investigation into her social media activities reveals that the young lad records dance sessions with sultry and seductive poses online with an iPhone and a ring light. This young schoolgirl usually recorded these contents in her house.

These discoveries point out some crucial points: either the lad suffers negligence or enjoys undue permission and support from her parents to create and disseminate her contents.

If this argument holds, then it is easy to depict a parenting default, and the little girl overstepped the game by showing the world how unconcerned her parents are about her future. Sadly, this is the case for many kids and youths in today’s society worldwide.

Without a doubt, parents play a crucial role in shaping their kids’ lives. The responsibility to teach, train and tame children lies primarily on the parents since charity, as it is said, begins at home.

To disrupt the current disturbing trend of parental neglect and the shameful consequence, parents and guardians must intentionally dedicate themselves to the proper training of their children or wards. This must, however, begin with parents serving as good examples to their kids.

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Parents must learn never to oppose any disciplinary measures put in place by school authorities to correct the child. Parents are meant to monitor and encourage strict discipline towards their children in school, especially if they seem to exhibit recalcitrant behaviour.

Sex education should begin at home. Parents should not shy away from teaching their growing kids about the do’s and don’ts of sex at an early age to equip them with the correct information different from what they may get from their peers in school and social media. The daily routine of kids should be monitored too.

The parents must screen places of visit and holiday destinations to avoid unchecked activities in unknown places. Also, television, mobile phone and internet use should be regulated. Unlimited and unrestricted access to the internet and mobile phones should be discouraged.

Dressing and other forms of physical appearance are important. Parents must ensure that their kids dress modestly, and excessive body exposure should be discouraged.

Parents should move closer to their kids and become better friends and chat companions. Neglecting youngsters to figure out life on their own or getting under-involved in their life affairs beyond the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing is a dangerous choice of parenting that can return with grave consequences.

Parents must understand the need to bond with their kids and help them figure life out together as they grow. Proper child training is a potent antidote to having a visionless and ill-focused adult whose ability to take on a leadership role in society rightfully has been compromised from the source.

Indeed, training up children aright in the way they should go when the character is still in its malleable and ductile form is a non-negotiable task that parents must not fail at, so that when these children grow old, they will learn how not to depart from the path of wisdom and rightfulness.