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Nigerians are helpless!

Nigerians are helpless!

When you are weak, when there is no power, when you are poor, in the time of sorrow, war and when you are not certain of what will happen next; then you are helpless. This is the condition of Nigerians after the flawed February 25 Presidential elections in the country. At the moment, everyone looks up to the judiciary which in recent times has become the last hope of political moneybags.

When the mockery; “Go to Court” became over flogged, Nigerians knew that there is not any hope in the Nigerian courts. If there is any government that downplayed the judiciary and flagrantly disobeyed court orders, it is the present APC-led government of Muhammadu Buhari.

This is the reason why Nigerians are deeply religious and they focus more on prayers or what God would miraculously do for them. They prayed for Nigeria in distress, prayed for an end to bribery and corruption but the whole circle kept getting out of control. What Nigerians feel for themselves at the moment is odious and repelling. Can the judiciary save Nigeria’s democracy?

Every liable organization even welfare associations is being run by a written constitution. Nigeria as a nation is being governed by the 1999 Constitution. The application and interpretation of this constitution has become a herculean because a new Nigeria is about to be birthed. The office of the president in any country should be a top job for the most qualified not just in a particular aspect of life but wholistically and generally.

Politics in Nigeria even Africa has been dirty, deadly and debilitating. The scenario we have in Nigeria presently amongst the three major parties – PDP, LP and APGA both in their leadership and anti-party activities leaves much to be desired from the political elites. It is one aspect through which the judiciary has been lampooned.

Sadly, the last concluded election on April 15 in some states in the country portrays vividly that the forces opposing the transformation of Nigeria are many and formidable. The attitude to politics, governance and democracy by the ruling party in Nigeria is worrisome. Governors from the ruling party exhibit the signs that Nigeria belongs to some people or someone.

The electorates in realizing this phenomenon tend to lose hope or join the bandwagon. Some governors especially the oil rich states are doing all they can to make the office of the governor a lifetime investment through signing the bill that will guarantee cars, salary, vacations abroad, outrageous provisions as soon as they leave office.

All the leaders that Nigeria has produced since 1960 are either Christians or Muslims. These leaders take their oath of office with the Holy Bible or the Quran. This implies that they will serve the nation being mindful of the faith they profess.

The underlying doctrine in the holy books urge us to take care of the poor, sick, orphan, widow and elderly. Now some people (albeit a minority) are poor because they are lazy and need to be motivated to work hard to get their daily bread. But others are poor (a great majority) because of bad governance, government anti-people policies, lack of good health care system, insecurity, death and unfortunate incidences.

Three-quarter of the world’s income ends up in the pockets of 20 per cent of its population. Think of it this way: Some people no matter how they work hard and struggle, will only boast of a daily meal. Does that seem right? Every leader should always have a thought and prayer for the poor among us. Why is that anyone who becomes a president in Nigeria turns himself into a demigod?

Probably, we are following the same constitution. If one is sick, weak or elderly, certain leadership positions especially that of a country should not be his concern. Most African countries are dead not just sick because certain politicians have chosen to die in active service even as octogenarians.

Unfortunately, a lot of great men and thinkers that Nigeria had shied away from the country due to her woes of leadership crisis. It is the same structure of criminality and corruption that is still keeping the country bound. No level of greatness or height of success is too lofty for any Nigerian to attain.

We have infinite possibilities, limitless and unparalleled advantages in the country but leadership has completely spoiled the chances for ordinary Nigerians. We hear mostly of Nigerians in diaspora making waves. We hear of Nigerian doctors emigrating to UK. We hear of Nigerian youths all wishing to japa. Nigerians are helpless! History will forever be kind to those souls who were fighting even before the civil war for a new Nigeria.

Today, the fight is on. And it will surely stand. The boldness we see amongst the old order, the corrupt regime, in their utterances and manner of action is frightening and intimidating. That kind of boldness can only be gotten from kick-backs and filthy lucre. Prof. Lumumba was quoted for saying; “In Japan, a corrupt person kills himself. In China, they will kill him. In Europe, they jail him.

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In Africa, he will present himself for election.” And in Nigeria, group of corrupt political elites will make sure he becomes the president (paraphrased). The only power Nigerians look forward to seeing in their president is servant power. A man whose character, competence, capacity and integrity will astound the doubting Thomases. So far what has held sway in the political office of the presidency in Nigeria has been oppressive, authoritarian, dictatorial and despotic.

Finally, Nigerian youths are ready. They are heeding the call to take back their country when tribe, religion nor ethnicity makes no difference to them. The masses as well have a choice on whom will lead them having suffered excruciatingly in the hands of corrupt politicians.

But the corrupt and greedy politicians have another plan for Nigeria. The judiciary as well may not be ready as it is often funded and bribed into submission by the executive. We may not have all the questions answered but a look at them all shows that Nigeria is in mess. Readiness means we are ready to do the smallest or the largest thing – it makes no difference.

It means we are ready to take back our country and whatever it entails, we are there and ready. Whenever duty presents itself, we hear the voice of the supreme call to restore the glory of our country and we are ready for it with a total readiness of our love for her. We can always be creative without being condescending, encouraging without being egotistic, and fearless without being foolish.