• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Intern’s initiative leads nut manufacturing company to secure game-changing deal

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The executive team huddled around the boardroom table, their faces etched with concern as they scrutinised their client pipeline. Each opportunity represented a stepping stone towards their ambitious revenue target, but one client loomed larger than the rest—a potential game-changer for their company’s fortunes.

For months, they’d sent proposals, attempted calls, and even sought in-person meetings, all in vain. The elusive chairman of this organisation remained out of reach, a formidable barrier standing between them and their coveted deal. Dapo, the head of business development, felt the weight of mounting pressure bearing down on him. His job hung in the balance as doubts about his competence crept in.

“Dapo, what’s taking so long?” The managing director’s voice sliced through the tense air, his frustration palpable. “We need access to that chairman, and we need it now. You have seven days to crack this deal—it’s make or break for us.”

With a quick nod, Dapo hurried out of the office, his mind racing with possibilities. In his own domain, he wasted no time summoning his sales managers for an urgent meeting. “Our jobs are on the line,” he declared, his tone urgent. “We have seven days to make this happen. We need ideas fast.”

As Dapo spoke, Mariam, a young intern, discreetly slipped into the room, unnoticed by the rest at first. She walked over to her manager, Jide, who had asked her to make some photocopies and bring them to him in the meeting room. She caught fragments of the conversation, sensing the gravity of the situation. Back at her desk, she mulled over how she could contribute, despite her junior position.

Approaching her manager, Jide, she asked how she could be of assistance. Initially dismissive, Jide hesitated, wondering what contribution a junior intern could bring to such a high-stakes situation. But Mariam persisted, emphasising the power of diverse perspectives and collective effort in achieving team goals.

After gaining Jide’s trust, Mariam got the profile of the chairman and sprang into action. She went online to research the chairman’s profile and found a connection to the chairman’s connection. She reached out to a friend, whose cousin attended the same school in America as the chairman, and established a connection through an alumni association. Drawing on her network and resourcefulness, she unearthed a connection to the chairman’s family through an alumni association. Within days, they secured a meeting with the elusive chairman, thanks to Mariam’s initiative and determination.

The episode served as a powerful reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving team success. It wasn’t just about gender or ethnicity—it was about embracing individual strengths and perspectives, fostering collaboration, and leveraging each team member’s unique talents to overcome challenges and achieve shared goals.

In the end, it wasn’t just Dapo or Mariam—it was the collective effort of the entire team, fueled by diversity, inclusion, and a shared sense of purpose, that propelled them towards achieving their goal.

Diverse perspectives and collective effort propel executive team towards success

In a pivotal moment for a nut manufacturing company, the executive team found themselves facing a critical challenge—the acquisition of a major client that could potentially transform the company’s fortunes. As they meticulously analysed their client pipeline, the gravity of the situation became apparent: one client stood out as a potential game-changer, holding the key to achieving their ambitious revenue target.

Despite months of relentless efforts—including proposals, calls, and in-person meetings—the chairman of the elusive organisation remained inaccessible, posing a formidable obstacle to securing the coveted deal. With mounting pressure bearing down on him, Dapo, the head of business development, felt the weight of responsibility as doubts about his competence began to surface.

“Time is of the essence,” declared the managing director, his frustration evident as he issued a seven-day ultimatum to crack the deal. The urgency was palpable as Dapo hastily convened his sales managers, emphasising the high stakes and the imperative to generate ideas swiftly.

Amidst the tension, Mariam, a young intern, quietly observed the scene, her curiosity piqued by the intensity of the situation. Sensing an opportunity to contribute, despite her junior position, she approached her manager, Jide, offering her assistance and highlighting the power of diverse perspectives in achieving team goals.

With Jide’s reluctant approval, Mariam sprang into action, leveraging her network and resourcefulness to unearth a connection to the chairman’s family through an alumni association. Within days, the elusive chairman had been secured for a crucial meeting—a feat made possible by Mariam’s initiative and determination.

The success story underscored the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving team success, transcending gender and ethnicity to embrace individual strengths and perspectives. It was a testament to the power of collective effort, as the entire team rallied together to overcome challenges and achieve their shared goal.

As the company celebrated its triumph, the invaluable lessons learned from this experience resonated deeply: that in the face of adversity, diversity and inclusion can serve as catalysts for innovation and collaboration, propelling teams towards success in even the most daunting of circumstances.


Coach Lara Yeku (CLY): Head of HR, Food Commercial Division; Certified Business Analysis Professional; Certified Executive Coach and Author.