• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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How Organisations and Businesses can help their Employees

How Organisations and Businesses can help their Employees

Tensions are high as citizens are crying out for Justice against bad governance, killings poor educational facilities, neglect of the health sector and lack of trust in the security personnel. These issues are not just local issues they are national issues that affect us all as citizens of the country.

Recently there has been peaceful protest going on across different parts of the country and a few States like Lagos, Oyo and even the Nation’s capital Abuja have experienced a standstill in all activities both economic and movement. As organisations you need to look for ways through which you can help your employees to still stay on track and be productive even while they deal with the stress, pressure and effects of the recent happenings.

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As organisations, adjusting work schedule, giving time offs or shortening the work days to give chance to those of the employees who want to partake in the Peaceful protest or take time to rest is one way you can help your employees. Organising group therapies to help protect the mental health is also another way and also Coaching /Consulting sessions that help you re-strategize is another way to help your employees in these times.

Until next time keep safe, protest peacefully, stay away from Danger, protect yourself and your neighbours, take a Break, look after your mental health and keep calling for Justice