• Friday, April 12, 2024
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Deadly Passions for football game

Deadly Passions for football game

Effiom Okon, 54, is an okada rider in Lagos. He shuttles streets and bus stops in the Abule Egba area of the state in search of passengers daily.

Even as the Lagos state government has ordered a clampdown on the activities and operations of Okada riders in the state, Okon is not discouraged.

Okon, an indigene of Akpabuyo in Calabar, Cross River State, is desperately passionate and fanatical about the round leather game. This, I must say, is dangerous. Moderation in all things, football viewing included.

He told this writer that he can miss his meals, stop work, or refuse to attend church service when his favourite team is playing football. The rider is a die-hard Arsenal Football Club fan, I must say.

He had made some fortunes and misfortunes on football betting in the last five years. I know this because we are quite close, and he gave me the go-ahead to write this story.

Yetunde Longe, 35, is a banker based in Port Harcourt, River State. She is also passionate about watching football. His husband complained that on two occasions, she allowed the food she was cooking to get burned while watching the Green Eagles play at their parlour.

The husband, an introvert and not a very social person, threatened to throw her out of the marriage if she did not turn a new leaf.

Duala Mabin is a public affairs analyst based in Ogoja, Cross River State. He also disclosed that some refugees from Cameroun stormed Ogoja during the Nigeria-Ivorian match hours ahead and were drinking at a beer parlour when an argument ensured the scoreline.

The argument purportedly degenerated into a free-for-all fight, and police were called in and the warring people were whisked away from Ogoja police station while the match was just starting.

Football is one game that temporarily unites football lovers and other people in developing and developed countries around the world.

This is good, progressive, and positive for humanity.

However, the flip side of this passion could be dangerous and deadly., especially when caution is not applied while arguments are going on either at our homes, offices, or viewing centres on football predictions and supports.

Under the influence of alcohol, smoke, or drugs, some of us could maintain our hardline postures and refuse to shift grounds while analysing football events.

This is truly not humanitarian and will certainly be negative to our well-being if carried to an extreme, fanatical level.

Passion is good and right if it is positively directed, moderated, and approached with caution. But you may Google to find out the number of football lovers who have been injured or even lost their lives while following, analysing, or predicting football matches.

Yes, there are people out there who have made fortunes in local and foreign currencies, predicting football scores at various levels. This is certainly a story for another day.

But we really need to be cautious and moderate in watching popular games or any other sport for that matter, since life has no duplicate. We do not want to die and leave our children, wives, husbands, relatives, professional colleagues, and friends behind to mourn after us. The world needs us to make it better, progressive, united, loving, and peaceful.

Emmanuel Udom, a journalist and private investigator could be reached via: [email protected] or www.selar.co