• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Daily habits of successful people

successful people

As we all know and have learnt that habits determine the outcome of your life. If you’ve always wondered why certain people are more successful, now you will know how to create a daily success routine.  It takes intentional daily effort to be successful, and remember success is relative, you define what success means to you, for some people success is when you have a lot of money, even if it’s gotten from dubious means, they don’t care provided they are rich. There is a popular saying that, if all you have is money, then you are not successful.

Now my idea of success is in all areas of life a 360 degrees approach is what I see as success,  a few examples are – your mental health, having a sound mind, someone who is passionate about their vision and is able to make great genuine success from their skill or talent, someone who is able to give back and inspire others, a successful person has healthy relationships, they have good relational equity, you can’t be truly  successful without healthy relational skills, everything we do requires people, so I will say relationship management and emotional intelligence are important soft skills for successful people, they value family relationship and unity, they thrive to maintain their family relationship against any difficulty  and keep it going, we can’t talk of success without mentioning the need for a balance and stable family life.

A stable family life can also motivate people to achieve their daily set goals and contributes a great deal but it’s not all that you need as I share these tips below. Don’t be hard on yourself or feel inferior, if you’ve had challenging experiences with your family. In toxic situations or violence, please stay clear.

Successful people also know how to overcome wrong limiting beliefs and mindsets that want to keep them trapped; they are organised and very productive in every aspect of their lives.

Daily routine for highly successful people

Create a Morning Routine – Creating a morning routine that is habitual is very important. How you start your day daily, can transform your life, from the time you get up and the time you go to bed. The key is to create a routine that is healthy and that works for you. Some people start their day with prayers or affirmations followed by a workout session at the gym or by themselves.

I myself go to the gym or take long hours of brisk walking by myself or with my amazing neighbour who is also my accountability partner for my workout goal.

Make daily affirmations- Every morning speak positive words to yourself, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or say about you, what matters is what you say to yourself daily. Affirmations are life transforming. Affirmations will give you the positive energy you need to start your day. Successful people don’t leave their thoughts to wonder around with fear in the morning; they take charge by speaking positive words with their names. Making the affirmations more personal and impactful. You can make an audio version with your phone device, you can type your affirmations and have it laminated and keep it in your bedroom, as soon as you get up, you can say those words out to yourself. It sets your day on the right tune.

Be a Strategic Planer- A lot of people make plans but are not strategic, they leave a lot to chance, you plan for your success, it doesn’t just happen without strategic planning.

Make plans that are aligned with your top goals, so you can prioritise your plans to achieve your most important goals. Make plans in all aspects of your life most importantly, your top goals. I plan my day and hours so I can be intentionally productive during the day. It’s another way to stay accountable to myself. Assigning a task to an hour or minutes. This works for entrepreneurs or paid employment too. I use a tool called the work hourly tracker. My employees also use it too, to stay committed to our daily goals. And in my home for parents get my book PARENT ORGANIZER BY EMEM NWOGWUGWU to stay organised and successful with your children and support system at home.

Focus on Task that Generate Income- Each day focus on those activities that increases your income, don’t spend your energy on tasks that do not value. Avoid time wasting meetings, unprofitable phone calls, or chats that are not value oriented.

As an entrepreneur or in paid employment, you need to be productive with your time. Don’t spend hours on social media when you can schedule your post on social media if your business is online. Find out about Apps that allows you to do that.

First Sort Out the Toughest Projects – To be successful and productive, you need develop the habit of dealing with high priority items on your list first thing in the morning. There is something about mornings when your energy is still high. Make sure your list is arranged in the order of your priority. That includes your bed time, your exercise, your healthy morning breakfast to get you energised for the day.

They Are Readers- They find ways to read during the day or they listen to podcasts, they subscribe to blogs and website where they are daily informed with informative ideas in business, their career, on the long run they take short or long courses to get better in their career or business throughout the year. They are committed to their daily growth.

Be Consistent and Persistence- You can’t become successful without being consistent in your daily habits. Consistency helps you build tenacity. To build anything of great value, you will need to persist and stay true to your journey and goals. I have more points to add but I’ll stop here until next week. You can send in your views and opinions on how your daily habits have helped you achieve success in any area of your life. Thanks to a lot of you for all the kind compliments I have received from you all. I intend to stay consistent in writing these articles. Have a successful new week. It’s going be an amazing week. Now you know what it takes to be successful, take it one step at a time and stay consistent to your own rhythm.


Emem Nwogwugwu