• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Clarion call to our elite: Let the righteousness of our people count

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Good people, great nation, no doubt, it is time for us as Nigerians to entrench an abiding code of conduct towards checking the excesses of our ever erring elite, who, relentlessly and unrepentantly, commit damnable offences against humanity, since the arms of the law allows them immunity of some sort, to the detriment of hardworking peace-loving Nigerians.

Noteworthy is the dictum, a nation that neglects sound ethical principles and enduring values, can never achieve set standards maximally.

Neither can such a country command respect, in the comity of nations, irrespective of her enviable endowments, as a sovereign state blessed with innumerable resources, human and natural.

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Unfortunately, this is the category our beloved country falls into.

Imagine the impact, consequences of our weak character as educated elite have had on all spheres of governance, over decades?

Though few trees cannot make a forest, I must however, salute the courage of the highly disciplined and committed ones among us.

Incontestable is the assertion that “compared to other economies, the Nigerian economy is indeed troubled, just as our predicament is not necessarily a result of influence from external forces, but a consequence of the type of leadership we have had, since independence in 1960.”

It is time for majority of Nigerians, particularly the elite group and all those in position of authority to ensure that President Bola Tinubu succeeds, as he steers the virtually wrecked ship called Nigeria, back to life and salvage the souls of millions of Nigerians.

Those who truly love Nigerians will put the President on his toes, on the actualisation of his party’s renewed hope agenda.

There is so much to be done to redeem our battered image, anything outside constructive criticisms on improved governance, should be disregarded as unhealthy, and an ill wind against the progress of our beloved country.

To buttress my assertion that most members of our elite group have been the main cause of Nigeria’s stunted growth over the decades, examples of two top ex-bankers suffice, at this point.

The immediate past governor of CBN recently brought the anomalies of the banking sector to a crescendo with his dastardly acts on humanity through his obnoxious monetary policies and uncontrolled greed, common to most elite in high position of trust.

A source of pride to my alma mata, Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikeja, Lagos, where values of eternal significance were entrenched in us by Rev. Fathers and Mothers including other highly revered educationists, got himself entrapped, the rest is history, as we look up to his successor, a highly revered gentleman of outstanding brilliance and strong character, to revamp the economic sector and allow the righteousness of millions of peace-loving Nigerians count!

How can our efforts towards righteousness count as a Nation, where men loot with impunity the patrimony belonging to millions, while those who abhor looting, erect their damaging lust on sexual immorality with impunity, leaving so many innocent ones disenchanted!

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It is also our fervent prayer that righteousness will count, as those who put in their best, get rewarded and celebrated.

My colleagues, who are retired directors and I, belong to such a group.

I was redeployed to the Ministry of Education from the Education District VI, to head the Department of Private Education and Special Programmes, by the then Deputy Governor and Hon. Commissioner for Education, to initiate reforms and get the number of approvals increased.

To the glory of God, my team and I exceeded expectations of our political boss, while respecting her abhorrence of tips from private schools.

Six years after, I know it’s not too late for us to be rewarded and celebrated. This will invariably encourage others to appreciate that being upright and humane counts.

Records of what we did for humanity, during those two years, can be verified.

However, the privilege of serving and getting unprecedented outcomes in the history of approval of schools where deserving schools got their right of approval which was hitherto denied because of bureaucratic bottlenecks gives us and our respective families an eternal sense of pride.

We are optimistic that President Bola Tinubu and his Vice President, Ibrahim Shetima, along with their able crop of professionals and technocrats will revamp the economy, in order for peace-loving Nigerians to enjoy a new lease of life, where righteousness count and where the unrighteousness of those enemies within will be subsumed.

Our Nation is also immensely blessed to have Senator Oluremi Tinubu as our first lady.

Three-term senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, her vast experience in nation building through the laudable programmes she initiated, as wife of the governor of Lagos State ( 1999- 2007), will no doubt count.

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She is rejuvenating and impacting related sectors under her purview positively, for the benefit of humanity with her dynamic team, starting from the wife of the Vice President, Hajia Nana Shetima, wives of state governors, many professionals and politicians of repute.

Millions of Nigerians will forever be grateful for the deserved upliftment as the builder of leaders, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu rightly promised.


.Gbeleyi, founder, Focused Girls Moral Regeneration Support Initiative, writes from Lagos.