• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Brief perspective about world intellectualism – Part 1


Scientists, oceanographers and inventors explore the planets, oceans and deep seas and put their discoveries, researches/findings in documentaries of movies, fiction and nonfiction books!

This is absolutely the beauty of explorations of Science and Technology breakthroughs!
Literary Enthusiasts explore, conduct researches, document and write our discoveries (findings) in fiction, cinemas, non-fiction, novels, prose and in documentaries of movies using anthropological, archeological, historical, sociological materials, artifacts and researches!

Explore the world of writing space!
There are archeological sites for exploration in the world! Readers are Leaders!
Develop the habit of reading.

Reading leads to diverse comprehensive exposition of various academic disciplines.
A reading nation is a developed country.
Reading brings people into the world of exposure of the diverse past (history) and contemporary global academic disciplines.
Research leads people into the diverse and diversity of knowledge.

Knowledge of diverse comprehensive academic disciplines exposure and exposition leads to appropriate application in various areas which shall bring about real growth and development.
The power of reading and research cannot be over-emphasised.

The solutions to the multi-faceted challenges and problems facing African Continent can only be solved by African intellectuals, thinkers, scientists and scholars in diverse academic disciplines!

African thinkers, scientists, intellectuals or scholars MUST develop models that are applicable and appropriate in solving African continent challenges and problems through original thinking faculty of African
Intellectuals gathering that will shape the African continent and position the African continent on the global map of recognition.

Professor Chinua Achebe, Professor Wole Soyinka, Nadine Gordimer, J.M Cootze, Professor Chukwuemaka Vincent Ike, Professor Niyi Osundare, Ngugiwa and other African Literature intellectuals too numerous to mention their names have positioned African Written Literature on the world map.

African continent Intellectuals can definitely compete with their Intellectuals colleagues from the other continents. African continent Intellectuals are brilliant and intelligent in all academic disciplines!
Phillip Emeagwali is a Computer (ICT) guru; Aliko Dangote is absolutely a business guru; Professor Charles Soludo is absolutely an Economics scholar.

There are groundbreaking feat recorded by African intellectuals.
Art, Culture and Literature are representations of humanity thoughts, views, opinions, expressions and communication!
Developing culture and literature must be given priority with a view to promoting our rich cultural heritage in forms of singing, oral expression/literature, written words, dancing, and folktales.

Culture is a way of expression and a way of life. African Continent is absolutely blessed with Intellectuals/scholars.
African scholars are prolific Writers, Authors, Philosophers, Scientists, Mathematicians, Literary Authors, Medical Doctors, Accountants, Economists, Technocrats, Investors, Politicians, Historians, Sociologists, Educationists, Sculptors, Geologists, and so many other academic disciplines of learning.

Proudly Africans!
African continent Intellectuals must use their intellectualism for economic development and advancement with a view to ensuring and making our African continent a better, greater, advanced and developed.

© Okoro is a professional writer, tutor/teacher, author, columnist, essayist and researcher on historical and contemporary discourses.
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