• Monday, December 04, 2023
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All eyes on the new ministers

The 2024 budget passes second reading at Senate

In a democracy, there is a saying that “the people get the government they deserve.” This idea has been discussed and debated in civilized societies. In democratic countries, individuals who have suffered from poor governance have strongly argued against this statement. They believe that the saying unfairly blames the people instead of holding the politicians accountable, as it can be difficult to remove them from office. These individuals argue that politicians often stay in power for extended periods not because they are the best representatives of society, but because they have established strong connections within a network of political alliances that are formed through the accumulation of absolute power. They also believe that absolute power has a tendency to corrupt individuals.

The new ministers are well aware that they are entering into a challenging period for Nigeria, as the nation grapples with a multitude of socio-economic issues

Nigeria has just welcomed 45 new ministers who were recently sworn in by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The nation’s focus is now on these newly appointed ministers, as they hold great significance in their efforts to revive the country’s struggling economy. It is crucial for these ministers to work diligently and address the pressing economic issues at hand. While I believe that all the ministers possess the necessary qualities to lead, only time will truly reveal their capabilities.

Nigerians are eagerly observing the newly appointed ministers and have expressed their desire for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to establish clear goals for them, complete with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. The expectation is that these ministers will waste no time in getting to work since they are officially sworn in. It is important for them to have a global perspective, considering the peaceful yet perilous state of the world we live in.

In today’s world, we are faced with a multitude of complex issues such as global warming, rising energy and food prices, and consumer insecurity, which have caused fiscal instability on a global scale. It is crucial for the new ministers to be fully committed, as the challenges we face today are not simply a result of past events. They cannot expect to solve these problems using outdated paradigms and policies that were implemented during the previous 8 years of the Buhari-led administration. As members of the ministerial cabinet, they must possess the ability to think on a grand scale and take thoughtful action in order to deliver the true benefits of democracy to the people.

The new ministers are well aware that they are entering into a challenging period for Nigeria, as the nation grapples with a multitude of socio-economic issues. The current state of socio-economic indicators is alarming and brings about a sense of unease and apprehension among many Nigerians. It is evident that the new ministers are stepping into a situation where the country is in dire need of repair. Nigeria is currently at a pivotal juncture, and every sector of the economy holds significant importance in this crucial phase of our national existence.

Security and development are closely linked, with some scholars even arguing that development itself is a form of security. These two aspects, security and economy, are interconnected and play a crucial role in shaping the overall development of a nation. The economy relies on a stable security environment, while security is supported by a well-funded economy. Any failure in either of these sectors can have severe consequences for our nation, as we are currently experiencing high unemployment rates and a significant level of debt. The new ministers are entering into this challenging situation and will need to address these issues effectively.

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It is indeed a dire situation for an economy to allocate approximately 80 percent of its revenue towards debt servicing. Nigeria has experienced the detrimental effects of this, including a decline in federal revenue, decreased investments in various sectors, hindered economic growth, scarcity of foreign exchange, high inflation rates, reduced purchasing power, increased cost of living leading to poor living conditions, widespread poverty, hunger, frustration, and youth unrest, among other distressing circumstances. The new administration has a responsibility to implement effective measures to address and reverse the current unfavorable state of affairs in the country.

Insecurity has had a significant impact on agriculture and food production, leading to food insecurity in the country. Bandits and kidnappers have posed a threat to subsistence agriculture. The new administration should prioritize economic diversification, and the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy can play a crucial role in this regard. This ministry focuses on utilizing the ocean and its resources to improve people’s livelihoods and safeguard the health of the ocean ecosystem.

The new minister of power has a crucial role to play in revitalizing the power sector, which is essential for attracting investments and driving economic growth. The private sector, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), is a significant source of employment in the country. The ministers’ expertise and efforts will be needed to make a meaningful impact. There is a wide range of important tasks to be done in ministries such as education, health, power, agriculture, water resources, works, petroleum and gas resources, defence, justice, and more.

There has been a suggestion that any minister who is unable to significantly improve the nation’s economy within the next year should consider voluntarily stepping down from their position. It remains to be seen whether the new ministers are the right choices to achieve the goals of the current government’s Renewed Hope Strategy. The lack of a clear goal has led to speculation about the competence of those selected as ministers.

The new ministers may not be perfect, as no one is, but they are expected to contribute their expertise and help rectify the mistakes made by the previous administration. It is important for all Nigerians to support and encourage them in their efforts. The new team of ministers must demonstrate their capability, dedication, and bravery in order to enhance the economic welfare of the people. Our nation is currently facing difficult circumstances, and it is the responsibility of all the ministers to guide us through these challenges. To whom much is given, much would be required. We urge our ministers to refrain from using their positions for political gain or personal interests. Thank you.