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Aisha Bichi’s arrogant display of power

Aisha Bichi’s arrogant display of power

The altercation between Aisha Bichi, the wife of the director-general of the State Security Service, otherwise called Department of State Security (DSS), Yusuf Bichi, and Abba Yusuf, the Kano State governorship candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, (NNPP), which culminated into assault and battery of Garba Kilo a member of Abba Yusuf entourage who was attacked for his audacity to record the video of altercation as the evidence for public consumption.

According to the eye witness, the video recording by Kilo further infuriated Mrs. Bichi who gave a blind order to the DSS officers to shoot him and threatened that ‘kill him, and nothing will happen’.

The most ridiculous aspect of the matter was her order and the threat that she would not allow Abba Yusuf to be in the same plane with her. When Abba insisted on embarking on his journey, either the husband Bichi Yusuf or his “errand boys” the SSS officers ordered the arrest of Abba just to satisfy “Madam DSS” repressiveness and arrogance inclination.

This is absurd, demeaning, saber-rattling, bellicose and outright violation of Yusuf Bichi fundamental right. How can they (DSS) prevail and compelled him to postpone his journey just because of an irresponsible power-hungry uncontrollable woman. Does she have the right to stop Abba Yusuf from entering public transport which he has legitimately booked and made payment for?

On whose authority are the DSS men prevented Abba from boarding the plane? If it is her husband that gave the order. Does that make sense or enhance his position as the Director-General of DSS to victimize members of the public, just to satisfy his wife’s ego? The plane is a public air transport meant for everyone who can afford it. It is not exclusively for the rich or the people in government.

Series of squabbles in which Aisha Bichi showed repressiveness in the past was analyzed by the press. From what I read about this arrogant woman. It is apparent that she loved power and enjoyed exercising it in massaging her deflated ego. I wonder if she ever realizes that her pomposity (do you know who I am) is an embarrassment to her husband who lives on tax payer’s money.

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She constitutes a public nuisance by disturbing the serenity of the airport. Power is like a revolving door, as you are coming in, others are going out. Power is like a liquid currency, it cannot be caged and it is transient. Her aggressiveness has made her husband trend negatively on the internet and social media. This prompted one of the family members (Yusuf Bichi son’s) to start pleading for leniency.

I am perturbed that the-so-called DSS always violate rules of engagement required by their profession to carry out many frivolous assignments which often paint the security outfit in bad light. Aisha opprobrium displayed and usage of power to subjugate members of the public is atavistic, antiquated and absolutely belligerent and antithesis to the modern democracy and freedom of human rights. Her bellicosity and angry disposition of blatant order to her security details to kill a fellow human with loud bravado is nothing but human rights violation which must be adequately addressed.

Since evidence of assault and battery is apparently seen and recorded, Abba Yusuf is advised to constitutionally seek a redress in the competent court of law as a deterrent to similar occurrences from power drunk security officials and politicians’ wives and children who might be cut in the web of arrogance display of power in the future. She is vicariously liable to be tried with her coterie of securities and aides who battered and assaulted the harmless Garba Kilo publicly leaving him drenched in his own blood.

Bello, a social commentator, writes from Canada