Achieving a 2nd half comeback in 2022

Some entered the 2nd half of 2022 game with 3 goals deficit, while some were 4 goals down in the 1st half. Terrible scorecard? Yes. Not to worry, get your dancing shoes ready for a ‘lo lo lo BUGA’ dance by year end. It’s possible.

Footballing, like life, is full of exciting comebacks and pleasant surprise. Let me give just two examples to drive home my point.

In 2005 : Liverpool vs AC Milan UEFA champions league final.

At halftime, Liverpool was 3 goals down. But within the first six minutes of the 2nd half, Liverpool scored 3 goals and went ahead to win the trophy on penality shoot out.

Another great comeback in the 2nd half happened in 2017, Barcelona vs PSG, UEFA champions league. Barcelona were 4 goals down in the first leg in France.

Luiz Suarez scored the first goal for Barcelona at the 3rd minutes of the 2nd leg. The 2nd and 3rd goals came at the 30th and 50th minutes for Barcelona.

In the 87 minutes the game stood at 3-5 against Barcelona.

But dramatically in the last 7 minutes of injury time, Barcelona managed to score 3 quick goals. It was a miracle – or something close.

Lessons for a dramatic/successful comeback in 2022

Overhaul your strategy/skills: If you are down 4 goals in the first half of 2022, certainly your strategy needs to be re-worked.

Did you play 4-3-3 tactics January to June, why not experiment with 4-2-3-1, which has a strong in-built shock absorber, absorbing pressure without breaking and capacity to spring a surprise goal.

Quit your comfort zone: Maybe you are playing defensive game, try offensive game within the time left in 2022. Globally, everything is shifting, we all must shift either by choice or force.
First, it was COVID-19, later we entered Russia-Ukraine war with concomitant inflation in the commodity prices. Now, Monkey pox has joined the world’s disaster list.

Everything is in flux, we don’t know whether Russia will bomb Sweden and Finland for crossing ‘CZAR PUTIN’S RED LINE’ or if there will be ‘Gorilla pox’ even with Gorilla going into extinction as the world has only 18,000 white and 5,000 black gorillas left globally.

The lesson is the Boy’s scout motto: *be prepared* Anyone who survived 2019-2022 June, has little to fear, survival ‘molecules’ is definitely inside his/her DNA.

Live in the NOW: Delete the awful and appalling memories of the first half of the year. We all dropped some balls- some due to recklessness, while some is as a result of global turmoil.
The richest 500 people in the world according to index lost $1.4 trillion in the first half of 2022, which was considered as the steepest 6 months ever among the global billionaires in history

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man had his fortune plunged by almost $62 billions, Jeff Bezos, the world’s number two plunged by $63 billion while the Metaverse founder, Mark Zuckerberg had his wealth slashed by 50 percent, meaning the world’s 500 wealthiest are poorer today than they were in January 1, 2022.

Meaning again: you are not the only one bleeding, we all are bleeding and still smiling. Why? We are confident and working towards a 2nd half dramatic comeback.

The Elon Musks of this world don’t commit suicide, they abhor overthinking, and don’t dwell unnecessarily on the split milk or cracked eggs.

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Are you worried some eggs have cracked in your crates? Good news for you: almost everyone has had a similar experience. ‘It is what it is the first half of 2022’ Cracked eggs everywhere. The most important moment is NOW!

Positive mental attitude works: Somehow, those who think 2nd half comeback is possible in 2022 will have their wish granted. Positivity is in the DNA of champions, strong mentality and winning mindset are necessary for a 2nd half comeback.

Overhaul yourself: Change your jersey, shoes, sucks, underwear, haircut, perfume, food, and add new friends and visit new places, take new routes- make 50 percent things new.
Doing exactly what was done in the first half of the year will certainly produce similar results.

Even if you were 4 goals up in the first half of the year, don’t over celebrate. Recall PSG was 4 goals up in 2005 crucial match against Barcelona.

But PSG entered the field still ‘dancing Kizz Daniel lo lo lo BUGA’ with raised shoulders and reckless abandoned.

PSG was lowered into a low football grave therafter.

Good to dance ‘lo lo lo BUGA’. But alas! Too much of lo lo lo is only recommended for those who already bought an apartment from Elon Musk’s Space *X* Space travels company.

Comparison is poisonous: Every football game is different from the others. Comparing ourselves vis-a-vis our colleagues and classmates is like signing an irrevocable MoU with sadness, frustration and early flight to the final ‘Headquarters’.
Things are not always what they look from outside when you unpack the box. The ones with dozens of laurels also have personal battles, he who wears the crown knows the weight of what he is carrying.

Social Media Break or Holiday is now necessary and compulsory*: for sanity, improved productivity and healthy living. 99 percent of youths are addicted to Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat etc. Social Media is 50:50 – half juice, half water. The exam is to be able to separate the water from the juice, keep the juice, throw away the water.

Half of what is on the social media is Make- believe, full of embellishments and body filler, just like *women makeover* Or like Xmas hamper with beautiful packaging but useless content. Most married couples can recall some beautifully, well packaged wedding gifts that turned out to be shit when the gifts were unpacked.

Half of the so-called ‘Stars’ are not worthy of attention and adorations. Without the flashy ‘Things’ (elites Toys- if you like) deep inside some of them are emptiness, and in some cases – big dark holes!

In conclusion, nobody is truly out until the referee blows the final whistle. As far as the ongoing 2022 LIFE champions league (LCL) is concerned for you and I, It still is, ‘GAME ON’

What time is it? *Lo lo lo BUGA*….

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