Twitter plans granting Elon Musk access to daily tweets

Following Elon Musk’s threat to end his $44 billion deal with Twitter for restricting him access to how it calculates fakes accounts from him, the Microblogging platform has planned to grant the Tesla CEO access to its daily streams.

The New York Times quoting a source said, “The social media company has agreed to allow Musk direct access to its firehose, the stream of millions of tweets that flow through the company’s network on a daily basis, but whether Musk will get full or partial access to that firehose is unclear.”

The source disclosed that the information will give Musk the tools to dictate the number of fake accounts on the platform but is not likely to help him in the conclusion that 5 percent of its active accounts are fake, since the company uses different methods for its analysis.

Musk, who signed a legal deal to purchase the full ownership of Twitter at $44 billion dollar in April, disclosed that the deal can’t proceed unless the company provides more information about the prevalence of fake accounts on its platform.

In a recent filing with the Security and Exchange Commission, Musk through his lawyer threatens to end the deal with the platform if his requirements on the issue of spam bot are not met.

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“This is a clear material breach of Twitter’s obligation under the merger agreement and Musk reserves all rights resulting therefrom, including his right to consummate the transaction and his right to terminate the merger agreement,” the letter said.

The Tesla CEO claimed that that Twitter has significantly underestimated the number of these spam bots automated accounts that typically promote scams and misinformation on its service

Parag Agrawal, Twitter CEO, has said that Twitter has consistently estimated that fewer than 5 percent of its accounts are spam but Musk has disputed the figure, contending in a May tweet that 20 percent or more of Twitter’s accounts may be fake.

Meanwhile, Musk who is known to be an active user of the social media platform, with over 90 million followers has been on the trend since he purchased a 9.2 percent stake and further the deal to buy the company.