• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Abba Kyari’s friends are his worst enemies

Abuja court rejects Abba Kyari’s bail application

The travails of Abba Kyari have become needless popularity contests between those who claim to love Kyari and others who are not ashamed to declare their delight at the news that Kyari could be heading for an American jail for 20 years.

Both parties rambunctiously deny us the sobriety to assess the duplicitous standards for running Nigeria, a country that is fast-tracking short-cuts as culture. I defer to the rights of all to weigh in on their preferred side of the Kyari debate. We should remember the trending thesis that Kyari was the best thing to happen to our police in all memory.

There are claims that FBI, envious of the giant strides Kyari has made in securing Nigeria, wants to take him out so that our insecurity would soar. Hushpuppi, possibly working for America, set the highly decorated Kyari up in a trip to Dubai, hired him to arrest a business partner, and finally named him as the backbone of a dubious international group that ringed Nigeria, Kenya, Dubai, USA, with forays into the United Kingdom and St Kitts.

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When the thesis is extended, Hushpuppi from Southern Nigeria was determined to take down Kyari, the Northern star, a future Inspector-General of Police, the quintessential policeman. Never mind if quintessential policeman sounds like a pun.

Another angle is that America stood to benefit from the fall of Kyari and was bent on realising it. The reason is easy to guess. Without Kyari, with our security worsening, we would buy more security hardware from America.

It is not late to explore how enemies of President Muhammadu Buhari, those who are uncomfortable with his messianic mission, who want to disrupt the great job he has done with security through Kyari’s frontal attacks on criminals who are in league with corrupt elements, accounted for Kyari’s fall.

We deserve a pause from the media fights for Kyari from learned lawyers, informed interests, and some whose most important contributions to the Kyari confusion is parading his credentials, leaning on them to conclude that the allegations against him were false.

Kyari queries everything we do. How can our best be enmeshed in such scandalous allegations? We minimise the Kyari matter if we limit it to the police.

When did he stop being the best? Did his superiors notice? Was he ever the best?

More queries follow allegations on Kyari that were never investigated. Yes, they were allegations, but they seemed to stand no chance of being investigated once Kyari was involved.

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Did Kyari have no boss, no supervisor, no mentor to the excellence he beckoned on through his media expositions of his exploits?

Can we also wonder if Kyari was embargoed from cracking the criminal gangs ravaging schools and villages in North West Nigeria?

Who contributed to the confusion with the video posting that suggested Governor Babagana Zulum paid a solidarity visit to Kyari? Was that a friend or foe?

The only way to prove Kyari’s innocence is to try him. Justifying why he should not be tried and pressing his credentials to equate innocence ridicule whatever is left of the pristine images of Kyari in those natty police uniforms that appear issued to him alone. One is tempted to think the tailor he shared with Hushpuppi made them.

Kyari needs lawyers who understand the mesh enough to lead him out of the mess. They do not have to be his friends.


WHO missed the verbal constitutional amendment President Muhammadu Buhari made in handing over security to State Governors? There is no hint how Governors will manage impediments like not having powers to deploy security agents. Some Governors have pushed the responsibility to Local Government Chairmen who will tell Village Heads to take charge. These moves are not accompanied by any resources.

NEWS of Nigeria’s performance at the Tokyo Olympic Games swings between few spots of sunshine to insipid affinity with filth. There are insinuations that our sports sector suffers from our collective amnesia. Could our amensia account for inability of APC and PDP to share their loots quietly?

THE best answers the people of Mgbuji in Eha-Amufu, in Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State have are that Fulani herdsmen would stop attacking them if they shared their land with the attackers. According to The Sun, attacks have become persistent leaving people dead.

PLATEAU villages in Bassa Local Government Area, one of the food production parts of the state, have been under attacks from Fulani herdsmen. Maingo is particularly hit. Its orphanage was destroyed. Thankfully, the children were evacuated to other orphanages in Jos. Lives were lost, many injured, and houses razed.

ZANGO-KATAF, Kaduna State, was attacked again resulting in casualties.

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