• Monday, May 20, 2024
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A new dawn for Nigerian Real Estate: Why REDAN’s southwest elections matter!

Tosin Fatukasi

By Tosin Fatukasi

Nigeria’s Southwest region is a powerhouse – a vibrant hub buzzing with demand for quality housing and investment opportunities. But this growth requires strong leadership. The recent REDAN Southwest zone elections, in my opinion, mark a turning point for the industry.

The meticulous emphasis on fairness, transparency, and accountability throughout the process is commendable. It sets a precedent that resonates with President Prince Akintoye Adeoye’s declaration – this election could be the pinnacle of REDAN’s history. Why? Because it reaffirms the core values the association needs to thrive: integrity and inclusivity.

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The calibre of those elected inspires confidence. Take Mr Babajide Ogunleye, the new Secretary. His experience and fresh perspective promise to invigorate the association’s administrative functions. This, coupled with the seasoned expertise of Dr Kunle Adeyemi (Vice President, Chairman Southwest Zone) and Dr Adekunle Ibrahim (Chairman, Osun State Chapters), points towards a robust and forward-thinking leadership team. These are the qualities that will tackle Southwest’s real estate challenges head-on.

These strategic appointments  further solidify this optimism. Their proven track records speak volumes. They are not just leaders, they are catalysts for positive change, poised to spearhead initiatives that drive growth and development across the region. This collaborative spirit perfectly embodies REDAN’s vision for the future.

But elections are just the beginning. The real test lies in action. The new leaders have a weighty responsibility, as CEO of Lomel Homes Limited and newly elected Auditor 2 for the REDAN Osun State chapter, I firmly believe this. They must advocate for sound industry policies, tackle the national housing deficit, and operate with unwavering integrity at the forefront.

The establishment of a reconciliation team led by Are Emmanuel King Adetola exemplifies REDAN’s proactive approach. Fostering unity and cooperation is essential for progress. This, combined with prioritising transparency, cultivates a culture of trust among the diverse membership base – the foundation for a healthy and robust organisation.

Let’s not forget the power of inclusivity. In an industry where credibility reigns supreme, fostering trust goes beyond mere words. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. This is how REDAN can truly empower its members and shape a brighter future for the real estate sector.

Personally, the privilege of being elected as Auditor 2 fills me with immense gratitude and a renewed sense of responsibility. Representing Lomel Homes Limited in this esteemed position isn’t just a title, it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to driving positive change. Our commitment to the Southwest region, and the entire Nigerian real estate landscape, runs deep.

Lomel Homes Limited, the developer of Gold Stripes Court Series at Atlantic Nominees Layout Estates, strives to redefine the standards of excellence in housing. But it’s not just about us. This is a call to action for all stakeholders. Let’s leverage REDAN’s renewed leadership, embrace collaboration, and prioritise excellence. Together, we can build a thriving real estate landscape in Nigeria, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future for generations to come.

Dr Tosin Fatukasi, CEO, Lomel Homes Limited (the developer of Gold Stripes Court Series at Atlantic Nominees Layout Estates, Abraham Adesanya, Lekki Ajah) and Auditor 2 for the REDAN Osun Chapter Southwest zone.