• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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It’s Her Day


I must sincerely commend the efforts of our Nigerian Producers, believe me, they are doing a good job in keeping us entertained. I seriously had a good time and value for my money. I was almost rolling on the floor, I laughed so hard I left with my chic bones hurting. The movie was funny from the beginning to the very end. Even when it was over we still sat there in the cinema laughing so hard.

A very realistic and well-detailed story line. Nice production and the acts had something going for them even till now; I am still all smiles days after. Could this really be through that some ladies would go to any length to have the perfect wedding even at the cost of the life of their husband? This got me really thinking.

The almost two hours movie didn’t even feel long for a Nigerian movie. We absolutely didn’t want it to end, although some people couldn’t really predict the movie’s nice suspense, but I could predict the end from the very beginning. I knew Bovi wasn’t going to marry her. I hope I haven’t let so much out about the movie? It would have being a perfect torture and a nightmare on earth if he had ventured into that journey of no return. The movie had everything going for it, from the acts, to a good production, choice of location, and the lesson passed across. Permit me to say that “Bovi” was just impeccable in this movie and it would have been difficult to find someone to play his role better. The movie featured acts like Bovi Ugboma, Ini Dima-Okojie, Toni Tones Adefuye, OmoniOboli, Shaffy Bello, NajiteDede, Amanda Ebeye, Adunni Ade, Gregory Ojefua, Thelma Ezeamaka and many others. There was a perfect blend and everyone played their roles beautifully well.

To the movie proper, apparently, Bovi met this rich man’s daughter and fell in love with her. She was just a spoilt brat who wanted everything, when she liked and how she liked. Bovi was from a noble background or will I technically say a poor home, nothing close to the “Hannaders”. He was also ashamed of his background and couldn’t take her to see his Dad so he had to arrange to bring his dad and uncles to Lagos for the wedding. When he got back from the United Kingdom at the beginning of the movie, we found out he had dumped his old time true love when he travelled out. He wasn’t even polite enough to tell her it was over. So his friend set him up with her because he really wanted her for him and not the rude rich girl he wanted to marry. Everyone felt she wasn’t good for him and marrying her would be a huge mistake. He seemed to be the only blind one who was so sick in love to see how rude, selfish and self-centred she was.

The main attraction of this movie was when they were planning the white wedding proper, the father asked if he had enough money to run the wedding, he said yes, that a man must be able to take care of the wedding. That Bovi didn’t collapse or have a heart attack before that wedding was by God’s divine grace, wedding hall- N2m, 1 wedding fixer, 2 wedding planners, stage and deco N4m, Dj, Sunny Ade, Shina Peters, Davido, Wizkid and Tuface to perform, wedding gown N1m, diamond ring N2m, make up- N500,000, HipTv and all media to cover it… believe me, the list was never ending, I myself almost had a heart attack on behalf of the groom. In this era of recession? No way! I knew this wedding was absolutely not going to last. If you want to have a good laugh and time then this is the movie to help you relax.