• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Doctor Strange

I must confess that this was a brilliant movie; I am extremely very excited as I put down my thoughts about this movie. They totally ‘killed it’ for me in every ramification and I mean every bit of what I just said besides the fact that there was a lot of buzz and publicity about the movie that kept everyone expectant about it. For me, this movie will make my top list of outstanding movies in 2016.

The movie lasted about 2hrs 10mins. It didn’t feel long in any way as we were all glued to our seats and even after it ended, we waited an extra 10mins to see the synopsis for the next one. This was a typical example of a full packed action movie and we couldn’t help but commend the production crew, they were just impressive in this movie. I loved every bit of it, every action and fighting scene was brilliant and at least realistic. The movie featured exquisite acts like Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, MadsMikkelsen and many more.

I must say the movie started and ended on a very high note. The action packed movie had no dull moment. The movie started with telling us about the life of a very good doctor. He was so good with his hands, his dream was to perform any operation and save the life of his patient. He was extremely passionate about his job. He wanted to know more and do all himself. He thought he knew everything and how the world worked. He wanted to put an explanation to everything, and expand the key hole, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t possible for him to know it all. So one day, he had a serious accident and lost the most important thing in his life, his hands. No doctor could help him bring his hands to function again, so he became bitter and angry with life. In the quest for healing, he met one man he refused to treat because he felt his case was beyond medical attention. After much plea, the man decided to tell him where he went to. So he gave it a shut but his pride and arrogance was almost a hindrance to his healing. Well, this was when the action part of this great movie started. He was humbled, got healed, was given powers and had to work so hard saving the earth from being destroying. At the end you know what? He saved the world and the movie ended on a very beautiful note. To my verdict, I will say it deserves a 9/10. I enjoyed every bit of it and had awesome value for my money.