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Who will you vote for on the 16th of February 2019?

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says a total number of 73 candidates will be contesting for the presidential election slated for Saturday, 16th of February, 2019.

It therefore, means that the 84 million Nigerian registered voters have 73 choices to make about who they would want to pilot the affairs of the country in the next four years, beginning from May 29, 2019.

Our reporter went out to the street to sample a few opinions on the choices of some possible voters. Below are their responses. Their pictures are however, deliberately dropped for security purposes.

Gloria Achums

Business owner

Honestly, I would give my vote to Atiku, a known businessman who started transportation business in 1971 and he’s still in business adding his quota to Nigeria GDP.  Peter Obi is an economist who schooled in London and I believe he understands how to manage our economy from recession. And I noticed something about the two of them; their main focus is usually on the youth. If they win I would want them to focus on Agriculture and Entrepreneurship.


Benny Oghale


Well, l will go for Atiku, because I am tired of the current administration’s unfulfilled promises; l think voting for Atiku, he might turn out to be a good choice for the country.

Emmanuel Pius


I will vote for Fela Durotoye because he is a man with creditable reputations which of course has been defined in his various presentations. He is highly intellectual and seemingly fit to coordinate the affairs of a nation. So far, on his own, he has made a mark in business consultancy and has displayed expertise in leadership as a leadership expert. It is a known fact that he is a motivational speaker and that to a very great extent has been exercised to impact people in different ways.

 His smartest and most liberal move was to paddle the boat with a female vice president in the person of Khadijat Abdullahi. She is well learned and equally understands dealings that put diplomacy on an excellent scale. He shares the same vision with his co-anchor and has built a trusted and dependable representational attitude over the years. For every developing nation to progress, there must be constant power supply, good and up-to-date health care system running and world standard educational system;  good road networks, assured employment opportunities, transparent policies that cover- these are my expectations from my preferred candidate.

Ayobami Oluboka


I will vote for Sowore because I feel he is brilliant and we need a new party to make things work in this country, and he should focus on education, civil service, health and employment and youth empowerment.

Charles Nwachukwu,


Come February 16, I’m casting my vote for Atiku, the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), because our present government has failed us in all its ramifications. We all voted for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 general election because he came out with a promise “change”. We all thought that the change would be channeled towards the positive angle not knowing that the reverse would be the case. Inflation has been the order of the day in Nigeria. Presently, I believe majority of Nigerians want him out because his first tenure seems a waste of time.

I want Atiku to focus on the agricultural sector. Over the years, our agricultural sector has been neglected because we think that crude oil is the only way forward. He should give adequate attention to farming. This will reduce hunger in Nigeria.

Promise Okeoma, Entrepreneur

To be sincere, I would rather vote for an unknown party than the popular APC or PDP. Let’s try something new. Seriously.  Mr. Donald Duke – Social Democratic Party (SDP) or Prof. Kingsley Moghalu – Young Progressive Party, (YPP) are good to go. I am still contemplating on the one out of these two. ‘We don chop okra and ogbono too much. Make we try egusi and vegetable soup na.’

David Udemma,


I would vote for Fela Durotoye. This is because, if not for anything. I want a new and young face. Not the regular old face; the routine.

Omoronke Sunday,


For this upcoming election, I wouldn’t be voting anyone reason is that I don’t have permanent voters card and the temporary one I have I can’t make use of it. I couldn’t even get my PVC; the venue I was supposed to get it they were just telling stories, but if I had the opportunity of voting; I would have voted for a younger candidate. But regardless whoever wins, I will advise the person to look into the power sector. Because when there is power, it will attract more investors into the country thereby elevating our economy from the state it is right now.

Christian Eiguedo,

Human rights activist

Well, I will be voting for Sowore, because for now I think we need to change the table. Since the history of this country we have been recycling same old brigade; so far the old leaders have not been able to deliver well to the masses who give them the mandate. So, I feel for now let us try a younger person and see how he will be able to deliver. If Sowore wins, I think he should focus on the education, health and housing sectors.


Chris Okojie, Entrepreneur

I will vote for Sowore. If you look at the political environment today we have been running around in circles. One test of foolishness is an act of repeating a principle over and over again. Looking at Sowore, he is a fresh wine; if we want to try a different approach to our problems its better we try a fresh hand. If he wins I expect him to look into the education sector and also make sure he tackles unemployment in the country.

Prince Enwerem,


My preferred candidate for the number one job in Nigeria is President Muhammadu Buhari, who is the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and he is the candidate I will vote for in the forthcoming election.

Buhari, since 2015 when he was elected, has exposed the reality that governance is not all about looting and self-enrichment. He came into power with the mindset to fight corruption and insecurity and I must say that largely to an extent he has achieved all these.

President Buhari has effected change almost in all the sectors but I still want him to focus on our economy with special bias to the Agricultural sector.

Jonathan Aderoju 

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