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World health day: How Leadway is helping to build a healthier world

World health day: How Leadway is helping to build a healthier world

We would join the world on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, in celebration of World Health Day, a day dedicated to creating awareness and highlighting health as a priority area of concern for individuals, organisations, nations, and the world at large.

This day has brought to light important health issues and concerns such as mental health, maternal and childcare, the celebration of frontline workers, climate change and its effect, amongst others, serving as an opportunity to focus worldwide attention on the key aspects of global health.

This year’s celebration, which is themed; “Let’s Build a Fairer, Healthier World for Everyone”, reveals that the responsibility of building a fairer and healthier world is a shared one; the mechanics to fulfilling it entails process and well laid-out plan; and this journey is worth embarking on, as the effect are multifaceted, leading to growth and advancement of individuals and the nation at large.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) constitutional principle, “the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition”. Sadly, the world is still an unequalled one; the places we live or work may make it harder for some to reach their full health potential while others thrive. This imbalance needs to be addressed.

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In recent years, countries have experienced rapid economic growth and urbanisation, creating better lives for many, but many are left behind. The COVID 19 pandemic has further retracted the health gains, pushed more people into poverty and widening the gap of global health challenges, as we have seen both developed and vulnerable countries experience a collapse in their health system.

It is therefore pertinent for strategies, structures, plans to be put in place to narrow the gap. In Nigeria, with an inflation rate of 17.33%, being at its peak in the last four years, it is evident that the standard of living has been significantly affected. With this reality, “Nigeria’s spent an estimated 5.2 billion Naira on healthcare last year, and this year, the number is projected to rise to an estimated 5.8 billion naira”, according to a report by Fitch Solutions.

The fact this expense comes from the out-of-pocket of the ordinary citizen is a sore point here. We can reverse this unsustainable expenditure with health insurance – affordable, tailor-made to meet every individual’s needs irrespective of social class. Health insurance’s importance cannot be over-emphasised as it is often stated; “the average Nigerian is one sickness or emergency away from poverty”. This statement steers an urgency to providing a solution as we journey towards building a healthier world.

Over 170 million Nigerians live without adequate health insurance coverage as 90% of the Nigerian population are not enrolled in a health insurance scheme, according to the Guardian and BusinessDay, respectively. This reality is premised on the assumption that health insurance is either too expensive or not accessible to most people across the country. To tackle this, Leadway Assurance launched an ambitious Health Insurance Plan designed to bridge this gap and meet every Nigerian’s needs irrespective of social class.

The Leadway Health Plan adds a new dimension to health insurance, with affordable, flexible, and mobile-friendly services. Leadway is poised to address the inaccessibility and unaffordability barrier faced by the average Nigerian. With a plan designed for the Family, Senior Citizen’s, and Employees, Leadway Health Plan aims to provide actionable and sustainable healthcare solutions for every Nigerian.

We urge you to invest in your wellbeing today, knowing fully well that health is indeed wealth and every barrier to enjoying the best of services are deliberately resolved with Leadway Assurance leveraging its over 50 years of experience positioned to help ‘insure’ your greatest assets which include your health.
To experience a seamless and stress-free onboarding process to the Leadway Health Plan and sign up for the service, please call the Leadway Assurance customer care helpline on 01-2801-051.

You can also send an email to [email protected] for professional advisory or request a call back by visiting www.leadway.com/call-me.
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