Why buildings have roofing infrastructure problems – expert

Unprofessional practices and poor maintenance culture have been blamed for roofing infrastructure problems, especially leaking.

John Igbaifua, CEO Plusworld Roofing, who stated this, explained that the dearth of professionals arising from low entry-level into roofing infrastructure production, was an issue, adding that Nigerians do not treat roofs as part of buildings in terms of maintenance.

Igbaifua, who spoke at a lecture and award hosted by Grazille News in recognition of individuals and firms that have contributed to development in various economic sectors, stressed that lack of maintenance is the reason there are roof leaks and other roof-related issues.

“The entry-level in the roofing sector is quite low which is why you have all kinds of people coming in and there is no adequate insurance for home users and contractors in case of accidents,” he said.

He lamented the level of neglect accorded roof infrastructure which has, most times, led to a leaking roof.

“People treat the roof like an out-of-mind thing. They don’t treat the roof like other elements of the house. Even cars and engines are serviced from time to time and the roof needs such attention too. It will save you a lot of money and prolong your roof, especially company infrastructure,” he said.

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He sighted inflation as another challenge the industry faces in terms of getting roofing materials.

“Basically, like other sectors offering roofing services, there is an increase in price and the supply chain is dreading; items that used to take two or three months to bring in now take up to six months to import and that is equally affecting our business,” he said.

The award winner urged homeowners, institutions, and the government to see roof maintenance as a task to prolong building infrastructure in Nigeria

Commenting on the award, he stated that the award was a major milestone, as it indicates that people are now beginning to recognize their efforts which will encourage the company to do more.

The award and lecture ceremony had as theme ‘advocacy as a tool for eradicating bullying, cultism, drug abuse and other anti-social vices in school.’

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