• Friday, December 08, 2023
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Who is Orire Agbaje, student member of tax reforms committee?

Orire Agbaje – 1

Orire Agbaje, a 400-level Economics student from the University of Ibadan, is one of the members of the Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms, as inaugurated by President Bola Tinubu at the Presidential Villa.

Handpicked alongside seasoned tax experts and influential private sector stakeholders, Agbaje bears the responsibility of streamlining the nation’s tax landscape to invigorate revenue streams.

This is in tandem with President Tinubu’s vision for swift change as he anticipates prompt reforms within a 30-day window.

President Tinubu and Orire Agbaje shaking hands
President Tinubu and Orire Agbaje shaking hands

Guiding this transformative committee is Taiwo Oyedele, a venerable luminary in the realm of tax and fiscal policy.

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Agbaje’s dynamic profile captivates attention. Her academic pursuit is underscored by her leadership of the Nigerian Universities Tax Club, Students Finance Club, Campus Ambassador, Edubridge Academy and Finance certifications from the Corporate Finance Institute.

Beyond academia, she also plays a role in the prestigious 2023 Nigeria Higher Education Foundation Scholars Programme.

A glance at her LinkedIn profile revealed Agbaje’s ardor for numerical analysis, one that has propelled her academic journey in the realms of accounting and taxation.