White Deck Beach Resort boss urges govt to support tourism sector

The managing director and chairman of White Deck Beach Resort, Shadrack Michael, has called on the government to fully support the growth of the tourism industry in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

Speaking in a recent interview, Michael, who said the Covid-19 pandemic inspired him to establish a luxury beach resort in Lagos, stressed the need for the government to provide infrastructure that will boost the confidence of investors.

Stuck in Nigeria due to the COVID-induced travel restrictions, the Agbor, Delta State-born real estate developer came up with a plan to make precious use of his time while in the country.

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The disappointment he experienced during a party at a private beach resort in Lagos inspired him to think about establishing his own beach resort with a difference. That was how White Deck Beach Resort was born.

White Deck Beach Resort, a luxury beach resort located along the lush coastal region of Lagos, Nigeria, prides itself as the ultimate beach resort experience. The resort is redefining luxury hospitality by exploring the potentials and beauty of the Lagos coastal line. The property features cutting-edge hospitality architecture, a signature beach pool, and night-time entertainment, creating the best all-round indulgence.

Recounting the hurdles he had to scale while setting up the business, Michael said he did the road leading to the resort by himself.

“I know how much I paid to get electric transformers, yet we don’t have light. We run 24-hour diesel, and you know how bad that is for business.

“If you go to countries like Ghana and Togo, the seashore is a major source of income, and we can achieve that as well. The government needs to make the coastal roads accessible. A lot of people are hoping to invest in the tourism potentials of the state,” said Michael, who is also the CEO of Magnificent Gardens, a real estate company he started in South Africa before expanding its operations to Lagos.

He said a company in Durban, South Africa, reached out to him recently having seen the growth of his beach resort.

“A company reached out to me from Durban, South Africa, having seen our structure here, and are willing to partner and invest, but the government needs to make this easy by providing infrastructures that will boost the confidence of investors. This area is supposed to be the Miami of Africa,” he said.

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