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When 65 indigent students of Uma Ukpai Polytechnic got Oyedemi’s scholarship

When 65 indigent students of Uma Ukpai Polytechnic get Oyedemi’s scholarship

The 2023 edition of History Maker’s Summit, a flagship event of the Uma Ukpai Polytechnic may have come and gone, but the lessons therein are still reverberating and may linger much longer.

For many participants, it was time to imbibe life lessons aimed at empowering the new generation on genuine ways of making money as Julius Oyedemi, the managing director of PWAN Plus Business Concerns Ltd, owners of Cedarwood brand of luxury homes, brought his expertise to the fore.

He also highlighted his love for humanity by intervening in the vicissitudes of some indigent students, numbering over 65 as they got scholarships.

The academic community was indeed left in absolute awe when the innovative real estate mogul instantly paid off the bills of indebted students, gifted generous feeding money to 54 students, while placing two members of the academic community on a monthly allowance.

In addition to this, the real estate guru decided to take his philanthropic edge a notch higher, promising to decorate the Engineering students with necessary kits, and boots and provide some modern engineering equipment to the department.

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He also pledged to invite some of his friends, who are experts in some fields of Engineering, to join hands with him to raise the Engineering Department and students into global acceptance.

Offering his impression, the Rector, Apostle Clement Ogbonna said: “This year’s History Maker’s Summit saw us in another perspective. Uma Ukpai Polytechnic, Asaga Ohafia kissed heaven on earth. Dr. Julius Oyedemi is worth hearing. His teachings titled ‘Mind Set and Positive Thinking’ left us in awe.

“Ambassador Oyedemi obviously carries the grace to always strike the right chord. Our Staff and students’ minds were renewed daily in this conference. No one sees failure anymore, anywhere. Rather, we’ve been exposed to the fact that every greatness exists first on your mind.

“As if that is not enough, Ambassador Oyedemi promised to give instant employment to anyone who graduates from Uma Ukpai Polytechnic Asaga Ohafia and couldn’t get employment else. Can you see why you should now register your child in Uma Ukpai Polytechnic,” the elated Rector further intimated.

In appreciation of the gestures from Oyedemi, the school named the Engineering Department after him.

“The Engineering Department Uma Ukpai Polytechnic, Asaga is today named after him. It’s now known as Aambassador Dr. Julius Oyedemi Electrical Electronic Engineering Department. Our past years of relationship when you would bring your newspaper to me to help you sell, and I would sell them and give you the money with a small transport fare shows that God is good. Today has remembered yesterday. I highly celebrate you Ambassador Dr. Julius Oyedemi (P),” the Rector said.
The event was rounded off with a visit to Dr. Uma Ukpai’s residence at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, who offered blessings on Ambassador Oyedemi and his entourage.