• Friday, September 22, 2023
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Virtual Sports Betting Business in Africa

Virtual Sports Betting Business in Africa

The sports betting business in Africa is experiencing exponential growth. History records that gambling on sports is not new in Africa. As far back as the 15th century, Africans were involved in some forms of gambling, such as staking on horses.

Back to the present period in the massive continent, sports betting is now more than staking on horses alone; it is spread into many sports. A substantial percentage of Africans support gambling, especially the online variant.

Some research made back in 2016 shows that the revenue coming from South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya alone is up to $40 billion. That says a lot about the population of bettors in those countries. Due to these numbers, a lot of businesspersons are looking to invest in sports betting in Africa.  Owning a betting business in Africa would undoubtedly yield massive returns in the future, provided that everything is in place.

Starting a Sports Betting Business in Africa

All eyes are on the second largest continent now; everyone wants to have a share in the returns. What then is the way forward? How do you startup? The most important thing that we always emphasize continually is the need to plan.

A lot of businesspersons make the huge mistake of diving in headfirst into the business without proper planning. That doesn’t always work out well, in our opinion. You have to map out every bit of plan before you make your first step. It is vital.

The first thing is to estimate your budget; then, you can begin to propose how you want your business to be, such as the website, the unique features. While making all the plans, make sure your budget is at the back of your mind; never bypass it. Nowadays the betting business is hard to imagine without virtual sports betting. After all, the more diverse your betting business is, the more it can attract customers.

Choosing Virtual Sports Provider

Virtual sports betting is ran by a computer software, everything is virtual as the name implies. This ground-breaking innovation benefits players because they have something to bet on when live matches are not in session and it is equally profitable. What you will need for this is a virtual sport betting software development company. You may ask, what for? This is a very key factor in your online business. The work of the development company is to set up your platform based on your taste. The best that you can employ for this work is NuxGame.

Think About Gambling Licenses and Marketing

Most bettors underrate the work of a software development company. Once you are set to put your platform in motion, you register on their website. Normally, they usually have different products and solutions that you can use, depending on your taste, budget, and some other factor. The good thing about NuxGame is that they make it flexible; you can choose the specifics of what you want for your betting business.

Once it is ready, you need to obtain a gambling license for your business. In Africa, your operation is deemed illegal if you run without a license. It would be best if you also enlightened yourself on the countries that allow betting and those that don’t because no every country in Africa pronounces it legal.

Once you can get a license, nothing is stopping you from launching the platform fully. Make sure it only treads in legal regions, or else it may attract some penalties.

Another important point is marketing. In Africa, once you already own your betting platform, you need to market it. That way, it will travel far. Employ a good marketing strategy. Look for what the players like and have in common, capitalize on it, and market your business.


Owning a betting business in Africa is not so difficult because the majority already love it. All you may need to do is attract them to you. That is why you have to make sure everything is satisfactory. It is almost impossible without the help of a developer like NuxGame.

Marketing also goes a long way. Some refuse to market and publicize their business yet complain of lack of customers. Little things can make you stand out in this business. The main aim is to be unique, different from the others. Once all that is set, it would yield good results.