• Monday, May 27, 2024
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US pauses aid to Gabon on coup


The U.S. government says it is suspending some international assistance initiatives that benefit the government of Gabon.

The country said the aid suspension will last the course of its investigation into the junta-led government of the country’s illegitimate action.

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“The temporary measure will remain as we assess the situation on the ground in Gabon and is consistent with actions taken by the Economic Community of Central African States, the African Union, and other international partners,” the US Department of State said on its website.

However, authorities said they will remain on ground in the central African country.

“We are maintaining U.S. government operations in Gabon, such as consular and diplomatic activities supporting American individuals,” the US Department of State mentioned.

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The military took over government in the country on the 30th of August 2023.

The military leaders headed by Nguema said they took over because elections held were not credible.

The democratically elected president of the country, Ali Bongo had sent out an SOS message after he was deposed.