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Univasa pushes into PH market with new cars, health insurance to drivers

The Port Harcourt cab and transportation business would get hotter as a new entrant, Univasa, is rolling out new cars to willing drivers and a juicy health policy for drivers and their families.

This is expected to woo drivers to Univasa and create a new atmosphere in moving people about in the oil city.

Univasa showed up in Lagos over six months ago and launched in Benin City in February 2021, but the owners say Port Harcourt is a juicy transportation hub to be attacked with all energy.

“We saw how drivers in Port Harcourt really wanted change when it comes to the transportation industry. That’s the reason we are launching today. We are further looking at different states,” John Oyakhilome, Univasa general manager, said while unveiling the product in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

“We came into this service to deploy technology in making things simpler for people in Nigeria. For Port Harcourt, we saw that effective communication and being able to accept drivers as partners who should feel a sense of ownership in the business has been lacking among structures we met running.

“So one unique selling point for us is genuinely treating and accepting our drivers as partners and not just ordinary drivers. Drivers form a bond, so trying to deal with them as individuals is creating problems in their midst and they don’t like that.

“So, Univasa, coming to Port Harcourt, has tried to bring them together. Aside that, we are going to give new cars for some of them longing for new cars.

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“We are giving our drivers’ health insurance policy through a health management organization (HMO) system that would benefit their families. So as they are driving under Univasa, they don’t need to worry about hospital bills for themselves and their families and all that.

“We want also that when you are driving for Univasa, it helps you to own properties, own land, build their houses so they can look back and say because I drive with Univasa, I was able to own this or that property.

“We keep improving on our service to them and service to the riders who are not left out in the various incentives we are unfolding, but much of the focus is at ensuring that the drivers are comfortable because without them the riders won’t be comfortable,” he said.

Oyakhilome further revealed how his company had sorted out the issue of insecurity. He said adequate profiling of any driver joining Univasa would be carried out.

“You must undergo diligent profiling before you are made part of Univasa, aside from ensuring your car is in a good and safe condition,” Oyakhilome said.

“We keep educating them on good conduct and how to relate with the riders. We also educate riders (clients) on security tips. The rider should not be off-guard. You should be able to know some tips on how to sense dangers and trigger the cancellation of a ride or take appropriate action when the situation demands while on a ride.

“We are also deploying a tracking device not just for security purpose but to as well enhance on and offline services for both drivers and riders, such that even offline, you can call for service and get a prompt response,” he said.

The unveiling at Emmanuel Event Centre in Rumuigbo attracted enthusiasts while the new drivers showed huge interest in joining a new organisation. Some of those interviewed mentioned the prospect of a new car and health support to their families as major incentives to win their hearts.

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