UK firms partners BusinessDay to host Investing in Nigeria conference

...Investors to get insight on opportunities in Tinubu’s administration

As Nigeria prepares to inaugurate a new government come May 29, BusinessDay Media, West Africa’s leading daily on business and the economy, in conjunction with Cultural Counsel Ltd – a leading foreign direct investment and transaction advisory consultancy based in London is set to organise the Investing in Nigeria conference


This conference is scheduled to hold from May 8 – 9, 2023 in London, United Kingdom and will focus on the economic agenda of the incoming President Bola Tinubu’s administration, and provide a platform for stakeholders and to explore opportunities for investment and collaboration in Nigeria.

Tinubu’s economic agenda is expected to focus on promoting private sector-led growth, diversifying the economy away from oil, and addressing the country’s infrastructure deficit.

These priorities are aligned with the goals of many international investors, and the Investing in Nigeria conference presents an opportunity for them to engage with the new administration and explore potential investment opportunities.

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The Investing in Nigeria conference will be a high-profile event, attracting senior executives from a variety of sectors, including financial services, development finance institutions (DFIs), think tanks, international oil companies, among others.

Kehinde Olashore, managing partner at Cultural Counsel, said that while the incoming administration is setting out its ambitious economic agenda, the conference presents a unique opportunity for investors and businesses to engage with the new government and explore opportunities for collaboration and growth.

“Our goal is to help raise Nigeria’s international profile and to position the country as a leading destination for investment in Africa and beyond,” he said.

Olashore said Cultural Counsel’s decision to host the conference in London reflects the firm’s global outlook and its commitment to providing its clients with access to international markets.

He added that London as a leading financial center and a hub for international investment as well as its strong ties with Nigeria make it an ideal location for the conference.

“Furthermore, the partnership with BusinessDay Newspapers also adds significant value to the event as the company is one of the most respected sources of business and economic news in West Africa, and its involvement will help to ensure that the conference attracts a high-quality audience and generates valuable insights and discussions,” he said.

The Investing in Nigeria conference is one of the many ways Cultural Counsel is supporting its clients in navigating complex and dynamic global markets.

The firm’s expertise in government relations and transaction advisory services makes it an invaluable partner for governments and businesses looking to expand their reach and achieve their strategic goals.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the importance of understanding the economic and political dynamics of different markets cannot be overstated.

With its deep understanding of the regulatory environment, market dynamics, and cultural nuances of Nigeria and other emerging markets, Cultural Counsel is well positioned to help its clients succeed in the global marketplace.

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