U.S. Consulate, USGEAA train 140 youth on waste to wealth generation

With the aim to downsize the unemployment rate amongst youth and create a sustainable climate in the nation, the United States Government Exchange Alumni Association (USGEAA), Lagos Chapter, in partnership with the U.S. Consulate trains youth on waste to wealth generation.

The skill acquisition program tagged: Youth Empowerment for Climate Action (YECA) had its focal point on promoting economic growth and development through youth engagement.

The two-day event which took place at the Isolo LCDA on the 24th and 25th of November had in attendance dignitaries from the Local Government, facilitators, and 140 youths, between the ages of 18-25 years, who benefited from the initiative.

The initiative is said to be beneficial to the nation on two fronts as it will help to generate wealth for individuals and also save the environment as indiscriminate waste disposal would be reduced.

Rosemary Danesi, Chairperson USGEAA and vice president projects for U.S Government Alumni Association, pointed that the program is geared towards ensuring that the youths are empowered with the knowledge which will keep them engaged and in turn produce wealth for them.

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“Looking at our environment and we can see that a large number of youths are not gainfully employed and there are lots of our youths roaming around the streets.

“Looking back at the #End SARS protest, it is clear that we haven’t done enough for the youths in the society and that is why this project was set up having seen the need to empower the youths, not just to seek employment but for them to be self-employed and at the end of the day, employers of Labour. In that instance it means they will be useful to themselves as well as to the society,” she said.

She further stated the trainees would be followed up to ensure that what they have learnt from this skill acquisition program is been practice and the knowledge disseminated to other youth.

Remi-Shittu Remy, Leader OF the council, Isolo LCDA and an Alumnus of the US Exchange Alumni program, said the waste-to-wealth skill acquisition program is aimed at channeling the bundle of energy the youths possess into a productive and profiting venture.

“Following the #END SARS protest, we could see the bundle of energy been displayed by the youth across the streets of Lagos and Nigeria at large. Through this program, we will be channeling this bundle of energy into productive and wealth engaging things, and we are going to make millionaires.

Expounding on the profitability of the initiative to the environment, Remy said “The beauty of this program is that, apart from making these youths millionaires, we are saving the environment. This particular side of the divide in Lagos is always flooded after rain and one of the reasons is because of the indiscriminate disposal of refuse.

“We learnt today that these plastic bottles and nylons do not decay even after 600 years, which means those things will outlive us. So instead of dropping waste indiscriminately in our drainages, it can be channeled to profitable use and also the environment will be saved” he opined.

The executive chairman of the Local Government, Shamsudeem Abiodun, in appreciation to the organizers of the event, encouraged the initiative and urges individuals to key into programs as this, in order to create wealth and also bring sustainable development to the society.

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