• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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To defend naira, drink Chivita, support Eyimba, fly Air Peace – Ben Murray-Bruce

To defend naira, drink Chivita, support Eyimba, fly Air Peace – Ben Murray-Bruce

Ben Murray-Bruce, a Nigerian businessman and politician, recently took to X to express his concerns about the current value of the naira and how it is affecting Nigerians.

In his post, he stated that because the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) stopped supporting the Naira with $1.5 billion each month, the Naira is now returning to its rightful and inherent value.

“The Naira is finding its proper and natural value because the Central Bank of Nigeria has stopped the practice of defending the Naira with $1.5 billion monthly,” he wrote on X.

“If you want the naira to rise, don’t come on social media to vent. Instead, it would be best if you now defended the Naira by coming on social media with Glo data. Coming to Silverbird Cinemas to watch Nollywood movies. Shifting from Manchester United and Real Madrid to Enyimba FC and Kano Pillars, Eating Dangote spaghetti and washing it down with Chivita juice, and flying home for Christmas and New Year with Air Peace.

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Only when we #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira will the Naira appreciate, not when we come on social media to vent.”

His tweet has been met with various criticisms from people online. A user tweeted ” The cars your former colleagues want to buy is NOT MADE in Nigeria; they’ll need $ to access it. Have you spoken to them yet? You will never have the guts to attack the people who deserves it, you will pick on the populace who spend the barest $. With all you’ve mentioned above, will I spend up to $50?”

Another user tweeted ” Why didn’t you encourage the National Assembly members who are interested in purchasing SUVs for over 100 million to consider Innoson Motors? Instead of directing this advice to Nigerians on social media, why not engage with your colleagues in the National Assembly?”