• Friday, May 24, 2024
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Tinubu under fire for appointing son-in- law head of housing agency

President Bola Tinubu has received backlash both in and outside Nigeria for appointing his son-in-law the chief executive officer (CEO) of the federal housing Authority (FHA).

Oyetunde Oladimeji Ojo, Tinubu’s son-in-law is a former member of the House of Representatives and is married to Folashde Tinubu-Ojo, a daughter of the President.

Announcing his appointment, some days ago, the presidency said Ojo has over a decade of work experience in the housing and hospitality industries.

However, many of President Tinubu’s critics say the appointment amount to deep-rooted nepotism and a flagrant breach of the oath of office he took.

The critics said the appointment was a continuation of deep-cycle corruption, violation of office and nepotism which has trailed his administration since he assumed office in May 29 last year, despite promising to fight corruption in his inauguration speech.

Also in recent days, various local and international reports have knocked President Tinubu for the appointment, saying it was tantamount to corruption and nepotism which his predecessor Muhammadu Buhari was heavily criticised for.

A civil rights advocacy group, HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION of Nigeria (HURIWA) in a statement said the decision by President Tinubu to appoint his son-in-law as the head of FHA, sparked concern about nepotism and corruption.

The rights group also condemned the persistent breaches of section 14(3) of the Federal Constitution on the federal character principle by President Tinubu in his penchant to give all the most strategic appointments in the defence, finance and crude oil sectors to his kinsmen instead of spreading those appointments that touches on the national economy and in direct breach of the principles of merits and competencies.

“The argument that the son-in-law of the president is also a citizen who should get appointment, doesn’t follow because his father-in-law is the appointing authority which makes his appointment nepotistic and dishonourable,” HURIWA said.

Defending Ojo’s appointment, the Presidency had said it was deserving consideration his work experience in the Hospitality sector over the years.

Reacting in an interview with BusinessDay, Martin Onovo, Former Presidential candidate said the President action was a deliberate attempt to destroy the country and a reward for those who worked for his electoral victory.

Onovo said President Tinubu appointment of his son-in-law into FHA was selfish and met to perpetuate his personal interest, noting that anybody expecting anything different from this administrations would be disappointed.

“The appointment is purely selfish and not for the interest of the country but for personal one. Did you expect anything different with his Emilokan agenda, which is met forcefully take everything for himself?

“It is a deliberate attempt to destroy the country and it is shameful and should be condemned”, Onovo said.

Many other Nigerian X users also disagreed with President Tinubu over the appointment, noting that there were more qualified and deserving candidates on ground that do the job.

“It is a continuation of the circle of nepotism trailing us and this administration I’m not surprised by President Tinubu’s action, Buhari did it more than this we all saw it.

“The appointment of Ojo is a sign that the old order would continue don’t expect anything new with Tinubu”, Lawal Balogun, a development consultant said.

Similarly, Omoye Ese, said he was not surprise by Tinubu’s appointment of Ojo because it was reward of loyalty and working for his election.

Omoye said she would have being surprised if President Tinubu had done things differently, noting that the country lacked credible and selfless leaders.

According to her, “If you are surprised with the appointment I’m not, do you think Tinubu would appoint anyone else who is qualified and better experienced than his son-in-law or people who are not his supporters?

“We don’t have that kind of selfless leaders yet, I mean leaders who put the nation first before their family; until then we would remain like this”.

However, some Nigerians have also defended Ojo’s appointment, they argued that the President has the powers to appoint anyone he can work with

“We don’t have to see anything as politics,
bringing in sentiment, Tinubu can appoint anyone he fill comfortable to work with, he is the President let us just support him”, a staunch supporter of the President who did not want his name in print told BusinessDay.

Equally, a social commentor Reno Omokri also reacting to the appointment on social media, saying that President Tinubu’s appointment his son-in-law, was not a bad thing.

Omokri noted that Nigerians should understand that President Tinubu can appoint anyone he can work with into public office in the country.

Upon assumption of office President Tinubu wasted no time in implementing a series of reforms aimed at realising the potential of Africa’s largest economy, after a decade-long swing between slowdown and inflation.

They include the elimination of a controversial fuel subsidy, the replacement of the country’s central bank governor, and the removal of the head of the country’s anti-corruption agency among several other reforms.

But his policies has led to spikes in the prices of goods and amplifying a cost-of-living crisis in Africa’s biggest economy.

With inflation at an alarming rate, and protests in some states in recent weeks over the rising cost of living, President Tinubu is under serious pressure to rethink his economic policies.