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Third Mainland Bridge Repairs: Adjusting to the Traffic Reality


From the beginning of this week, residents of Lagos, Nigeria’s economic powerhouse and arguably the most populated city in the country, will be dealing with the reality of the six months partial closure of the Third Mainland Bridge for scheduled critical maintenance.
The 11.8km bridge, which conveys 132,702 vehicles per day, is as vital as the neck is to the human body. It connects the head with the rest of the body. Lagos being a mega-city bodied into islands and the mainland, the bridge is the most extended connection between these delicate geographical and economic divides.

It is a partial closure that has been deployed before for the same purpose. However, this time, it coincides with the ongoing renovation of the Eko Bridge, a supporting link between the mainland and the island. With Lagos traffic known to grind to a halt during rush hours, even when these critical infrastructures are in optimum use, it is no wonder residents, and visitors are apprehensive. It also comes at a time the economy is gradually reopening after almost three-month hibernation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As your reliable partner in happiness, we have some tips on how to navigate these six months of traffic ‘entanglement’.

Plan your movement
The partial daily closure of the bridge will be scheduled to allow traffic flow on one lane at a time, so there will still be controlled movement that would result in protracted delays.
If you have any reason to drive through the bridge, especially if you have to embark on air travel, give over two hours of delayed travelled time and if possible, leave home at the break of the dawn to beat the traffic snare. Where possible, strengthen your work-from-home capabilities and use virtual meeting tools for meetings. There are interactive screens that allow virtual meetings to be immersive, collaborative, and productive.

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Be security-conscious
Prolonged traffic situation can sometimes degenerate into a disturbing security condition. While the Lagos State Police architecture has been beefed up to deal with these kinds of ugly outcome.
That said, ensure that your vehicle air conditioner is in good condition to ensure your windows stay wound up while in traffic. Do not keep your valuables such as pieces of jewelry, suitcase, wallets, expensive mobile phone, and so on, in plain sights, as that could attract passersby with criminal intent.

Be health-conscious
Driving for hours in traffic is a physically and psychologically tasking ordeal. At a time like this, when COVID-19 is believed to attack victims with the most vulnerable immune defence viciously, this is not the time to have a physical or mental breakdown.
Take this time to reexamine your wellbeing. Consult your Physician and Nutritionist on the best supplements and nutrients that can help you boost your immune systems. The next couple of months would likely be very stressful due to the traffic situation and overall mobility challenges. Be prepared.

Have a backup plan
With people driving around in stressful conditions, and some others bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 provoked economic anxieties, there is a need to understand that a simple event can degenerate into a full mental blowout that can result in damages to the things and the ones you love. You need to have a backup plan that ensures you are compensated for any financial loss that may result from someone driving dangerously or breaks into your car to steal. It is smarter to pay forward a premium for a hefty compensation on behalf of your loved ones should any unfortunate event happens to you. It is for this that insurance exists to serve you.

Available industry data shows that more and more organizations are taking out group life insurance cover for their workforce because of the raging pandemic. As a business owner have you gotten one for your employee?
At a time when everyone is experiencing severe cash squeeze, do you have insurance to help you compensate a commuter, whose vehicle you erroneously damaged due to ‘go-slow’ inspired fatigue?
As a smart business owner, you have moved to the virtual work-from-home mode and can dodge the traffic, do you have a cyber insurance cover against the astronomically rising cases of cyber criminalities? The cyberattack on tech-giant, Twitter, a couple of weeks ago, is indicative of the notion that no one is safe from these invisible, sophisticated marauders.

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