• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Tech firm launches campaign to protect Nigerians against cyber fraud

Tech firm launches campaign to protect Nigerians against cyber fraud

Wimika RMS Technologies, an insurtech startup in Nigeria, has announced the launch of a social impact campaign aimed at empowering vulnerable individuals in Nigeria against the rising threat of cyber fraud.

The campaign, titled ‘Minimising the Impact of Cyber Fraud’ is a comprehensive effort to raise awareness, provide support, and advocate for resolution on behalf of victims of cyber fraud.

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In a statement signed by Unekwu Nwazeapu, media assistant to the company, stated that the primary mission of the initiative was to minimise successful cyber-fraud incidents and facilitate quick recovery for victims.

Nwazeapu further said that “Wimika RMS Technologies aims to spearhead advocacy, raise awareness about cyber fraud and its prevention, and provide comprehensive support and resources for those affected. The project will establish an online community and helpline specifically designed for individuals targeted by cybercriminals or those who have fallen victim to cyber fraud.

“As part of the initiative, a dedicated cyber fraud helpline staffed with knowledgeable and supportive operatives will be available. Victims will receive information, resources, guidance, and referrals to help them recover and pursue a speedy resolution for cyber fraud incidents. The helpline will also provide emotional support to assist victims in coping with the trauma associated with cyber fraud.”

It further stated that “To humanize victims and amplify their voices, Wimika RMS Technologies will launch an advocacy platform through a Live Show, titled ‘My Cyber Fraud Story.’ This platform which will air on the company’s Instagram page every Sunday afternoon aims to give victims a name, a face, and a voice, fostering empathy and promoting healing from the trauma of cyber fraud incidents. The platform will also gather support and promote social justice and redress for victims.”

It was also stated that the initiative would further include the establishment of a cyber fraud protection support community. This community will provide support for victims and vulnerable individuals through advocacy, events, access to resources, peer support, and expert interventions covering technical, legal, and mental health domains. The goal is to facilitate engagement between community members and key stakeholders involved in cyber fraud protection in Nigeria, promoting awareness and prevention.

“Wimika RMS Technologies will collaborate with esteemed community partners such as the Ministry of Justice, the Nigerian Police, and the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) to improve the well-being of Nigerians by protecting their finances, especially in the approaching yuletide. We believe that when we pull our resources together, we can each bring our expertise to bear in the fight to keep Nigerians free from cyber criminals and less poor as a result.

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“Wimika RMS Technologies is committed to providing a Name, a Face, and a Voice to victims of cyber fraud. Remedy will be sought, and justice will be served. Through this social impact programme, Wimika RMS Technologies aims to make a lasting positive change in the lives of vulnerable individuals affected by cybercrime,” Omole said.