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Sulu Gambari lauds military school alumni over national unity efforts

Sulu Gambari lauds military school alumni over national unity efforts

Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, Emir of Ilorin and Chairman of the Kwara State Council of Traditional Rulers, has lauded the effort of the Nigeria Military School, Zaria Alumni in fostering a unified national identity, underscoring the paramount importance of their contributions towards Nigeria’s unity.

Gambari made this remark at his Palace in Ilorin, the state capital, when he received the 33rd Passing Out Parade (PoP) of the Nigeria Military School (NMS) Zaria Alumni, led by its chairman, Mohammed Aliko Mohammed, and the chief host of the event and Emir’s nephew, Omar Bolaji Gambari.

Gambari passionately emphasised the pivotal role played by federal institutions, particularly unity schools, in nurturing a sense of national belonging among students hailing from every nook and cranny of the nation.

He underscored the transformative power of such educational enclaves in fostering familiarity and dismantling barriers erected by religion and ethnic differences.

“The establishment of these federal institutions, including unity schools,” Gambari expounded, “resonates with the very essence of Nigeria’s fabric. These schools were birthed in 1954 with a clear mandate – to weave a cohesive fabric of unity amidst our diversity.

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“For Nigeria to endure and flourish, it is cohorts like yours that embody the essence of our collective strength. Your union stands as a bastion, a testament to the resilience of our great nation”, he said.

Amidst invoking blessings upon the esteemed guests, the venerable monarch celebrated the unity and solidarity exemplified by the alumni, envisioning a future where their collective efforts would fortify the very foundation of Nigeria.

Aliko Mohammed, chairman of Alumni Association, explained their purposeful visit, seeking not only the Emir’s blessings but also noted the narrative of unity that binds them together.

“Our presence here,” he proclaimed, “serves to reaffirm the interconnectedness of our nation through the bonds shared by Alhaji Omar Bolaji Gambari and his brethren from every corner of Nigeria.”

Their presence in Ilorin epitomized a clarion call for unity and collaboration, echoing the resounding ethos of a united Nigeria that transcends borders, cultures, and ideologies, a testament to the tireless pursuit of national unity championed by the Alumni and emblematically endorsed by the esteemed traditional ruler.