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Sowrepublic targets $1trn economy from real-estate cryptocurrency

Sowrepublic, a fast-rising digital economy, and cryptocurrency managers have begun moves to create a huge, sustainable digital currency market in developing countries of the world, starting from Nigeria with the usage of Sow tokens and Sowcoin to build a $1 trillion economy within Sowrepublic ecosystem known as Soweconomy.

The Sowrepublic concept of Sowconomy tagged, “the economy of the people, by the people and for the people”, will be launched in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory on Tuesday, exploiting Sowcoin that combines real estate, network marketing and blockchain cryptography in a revolutionary approach to help users generate and sustain wealth.

While Sowcoin itself is backed by real estate, the Sowrepublic Ecosystem of products and services in other asset classes and industries also adds value and creates a community for Sowcoin and its users globally, having blockchain-based solutions co 90% should also rise economically. and Sowcoin tokens that can rise up to 90%, making it easier, cheaper, faster, and more transparent to own fractions of assets that make everyone involved more prosperous.

Speaking on Sowrepublic concepts of digital economy and cryptocurrency, Seth Oyinloye, President of Sowrepublic – The Prosperity Company, said, “An Economic Armageddon is upon us; our failure to take bold, urgent and inclusive steps to address the issues of economic injustice and inequality right now may be catastrophic as the world moves further with the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution.

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“While the newest advancements in technology create incredible economic opportunity, it is also certain that many jobs, businesses, and livelihoods will be lost to robots and artificial intelligence before people begin to make the necessary adjustments and adaptation. The responsibility, therefore, is to ensure the technology of this revolution benefits not only the elites of the 1% but also the 99% who have long been displaced from the prosperity table. There is an urgent need for economic power to return to the people.

“Sowrepublic is building a blockchain-based profit-sharing economy (SOWCONOMY) that will allow everyday people from anywhere on earth to own fractions of income-generating assets across third world nations in a transparent way. That’s like living in New York and owning a fraction of a rental apartment in Nigeria or a fraction of a farm in Tanzania for the price of a cup of coffee; this will not only open the doors of prosperity to everyone, it will also help third world nations get in real time the funding they need to build businesses and generate jobs that bridge the prosperity gap without the need to sell their souls and those of their posterity to eternal debts from large corporations.

“Whether it be Cash, Credible Relationships, Character, Competence, or Credibility; Sowrepublic recognizes that every human being has some form of capital to contribute to the development of the economic community they belong to. It is therefore economic prejudice to place economic limitations on people who don’t have cash but have other forms of capital.

“It is on this note that Sowrepublic decided to reward those who can contribute their social relationships into building a profit-sharing economic community with Free SOWCOIN Tokens. Any adult anywhere with an email can reserve up to N5 million ($12,500) of Sowcoin tokens for free; they can sell the tokens, spend them, gift them or grow them based on the company’s roadmap of activities and terms.”

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